Why don't Trans women get PFS?


Probably millions of men globally become transgender women and take potent anti-androgens to do so.

I have a transgender woman friend who I told about this condition and she said, “saw palmetto is very popular in the trans community.”

I find it very odd that I have not heard of a single trans woman on this forum.



I’ve seen women on other forums with this issue



If you search you will find at least one trans woman who has posted here.

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Ok so there may be one or two here, but there are over one million trans people in the US alone so hundreds of thousands of trans women in the US take anti-androgens. Just seems strange to me that so few of them would get PFS and end up here.

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True on the ending up here part… but I remember seeing a video on YouTube of one of them talking about the side effects of, I believe, Dutasteride… similar type stuff w/sex drive, etc.

I’m assuming they are on a lot of other hormones as well so they are probably expecting some level of “issues”

I’m not sure. I feel like their expectations are probably different than ours given what they are doing.