Why does stress make some of us crash?

why does stress cause us to crash, Is it a neurosteriod issue, the CNS or something else? Any guesses or ideas?
Stress could be caused by physical or mental activities such as exercise, orgasm etc.

It doesn’t cause me to crash. I haven’t seen it to be documented in too many accounts. To the contrary, stress actually sharpens my mind and boosts my libido.

Can you define the terms “stress” and “crash”?

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My second crash was due to stress. Put me down in bed for days with fever and all my sides returned multiplied by 2, plus got new sides too, but this was only my fault, listening to the people’s advices…


I do agree that many “crashes” coincide with some type(s) of stressor.

Multiple things to note…

  1. Lowered neursteroid levels, specifically allopregnenolone. This normally acts on GABA-a receptors to help our body deal with stress. With lowered levels of neurosteroids our bodies are susceptible to stress(ors).
  2. Depleted Glutathione, our bodies master anti-oxident. This is going to also make us more susceptible to stress(ors).
  3. Altered androgen receptor sensitivity. AR plays a key role in the inate immune system. If we basically have some sort of silencing in certain tissues then the immune system is not going to function properly and acutely.
  4. There are multiple more points involved in the overall cycle here, but 1-3 should be suffice.
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Changed the topic title. Also, there are so many loose definitions of a “crash”, and levels of severity considered to be a crash, it seems to have little meaning beyond describing how a large percentage of us rapidly develop severe symptoms for the first time.

I have found that since getting PFS I am significantly ‘calmer’ than I was before PFS. I’ve found that I’m less susceptible to feeling the effects of stress. Others have documented similar effects.


I am can’t even consider going back to work at the moment because of possibly “crashing” given my already frail state.

Would you mind describing the exact circumstances that led you to crash? What were your exact symptoms, how long they lasted, and the recoveries you’ve made so far?

I’ve had PFS for about 9 years and never used the term ‘crash’ until I recently got neurological symptoms. With testosterone it doesn’t just crash and you feel the symptoms of low T unless you’re very low. My experience of testosterone is that it can take several weeks to feel symptoms after you have stopped producing T or producing T at lower levels if that makes sense.

When I get what I call my neurological crash I twitch a lot, get headpressure headaches, no libido, stop sleeping, heavy depression, some anxiety, suicidal thoughts, night sweats, upset stomach and higher temperatures. Since hitting my head this type of crash can happen after walking for an hour or from doing various mental activities during the day such as Brainhq. Before hitting my head I could walk for several hours without any problems.

I’ve had 4 of these crashes in about 2-3 weeks. It’s been 2 weeks since the last of these crashes. The only improvements so far are reduced twitching, depression, headaches, night sweats and lower temperatures. I think every time I crash my Gaba and maybe allo drop and so far my sleep has gone from 6 hours to 2 hours a night. If the crashes continue then maybe I just stop sleeping altogether.

I have to avoid all confrontation and be very gentle with myself, if I upset myself the head pressure comes on for an hour. I can’t even get angry and release my frustrations. The prefrontal cortex seems to be responsible for making situations less scary. However mine doesn’t seem to be working normally and I can’t handle small amounts of stress. If it weren’t for this issue I’d be back at work and living a normal life, but I’m held hostage by this problem. I have no idea how to fix this.


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That is so fucked up. What stressful events exactly first triggered this crash? Then how did you injure your head?

I only slept for 3 hours last night and recently (just now) lost a big chunk of money when I am already poor and can’t work. I am reeling from the stress atm. My arm immediately started tightening up like whenever I crashed. I am scared my already poor sleep from my second crash will tank even more.

Stress can means many things such as
physical stress or mental stress etc…
what kind of stress did you experience?
When the stress come from your job or relationship of people, it can be solved to talk to your reason of stress with othe people i think.
and it have to be solved quickly.
But i don’t know what kind of stress did you feel.

I slipped forward and hit my head against the sink. It caused a lump but then after that I started crashing from low levels of stress. Before I crash I notice some slight tingling in my left hand.
My resting heart rate has dropped from 67bpm to 60bpm since hitting my head.
I can’t handle low level Stress that I once took for granted like washing the car, gardening or walking.
Perhaps the prefrontal cortex is now over reacting to stress I don’t know.

Isn’t a lower heart rate better health wise?

Yes assuming it’s occurred from good health and exercise. You get bradycardia when it falls into the 50s which is another health problem.
My heart rate also jumps to over 100-120bpm on an empty stomach which is not good.

I had something stressful that happened yesterday. In the evening i noticed this feeling of crashing. Wired feeling, worsened derealization, and later in the evening even a foul body odor change (which i also got with my betaine crash) started. I didnt sleep that night, and now tonight while i am typing this I won’t see myself sleeping tonight either. @ac3c how long do these stress crashes take for you? Normally i am blunted and dont feel anything related to stress at all anymore, so i will be save in the future. This was just something very specific.

Really sorry to hear you have crashed. My insomnia usually lasts for 2-3 days. Sometimes the insomnia is delayed and it can happen several days later.

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Holy shit, you described my symptoms to a T!
But I used accutane, not Fin.

I also crash from emotional stress