Why does smoking weed make things worse?

Hej guys,

I was just wondering if more people feel worse (sexually, ED etc) when they have smoked weed?
Does anyone have any idea what the connection is between marihuana (THC) and PFS?

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/6249575/ 7

This study shows that THC prevents androgens from binding to receptors causing hypogonadism symptoms

Also anecdotally high THC weed gave me anxiety and low testosterone feeling

I’ve seen studies showing that the sativa strain on marijuanna contains beta-sitosterol which is a potent 5-ar inhibitor.

Serotonin as well.

I smoked weed only a few times in my life way prior to PFS and I always felt like shit on it brain fog forsure and lack of motivation never touched it again after the 3rd time lol. I would avoid it personally.

Smoking weed makes my symptoms go away partly when im still high. I always thought im doing something good with smoking. Hmm. Better erections better libido when high.