Why are health authorities not investigating PFS?

This recent article describes the reaction of health authorities to suspected damage from vaping.

In the article, there are many references to health authorities investigating illness reports, apparently taking things very seriously.

For example, we learn the following:

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that officials are working with health departments in at least five states with confirmed cases - California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin - to determine the cause of the condition after “a cluster of pulmonary illnesses linked to e-cigarette use” was reported among adolescents and young adults in recent weeks.

In a call Friday with state health authorities, CDC officials said they were probing 94 possible cases in 14 states."

These are public institutions whose mission is to investigate diseases, establish causality, issue warnings and protect the public. We are talking about the CDC and state health departments at the least, as mentioned in the article. I am sure there are others and in fact I am sure the FDA has some sort of mandate for post-marketing monitoring of drugs, whatever that means. These institutions have budgets worth billions of dollars and thousands of people of staff.

Why aren’t they doing anything about PFS - a condition from which many thousands of people have died? Why aren’t they investigating case reports, funding studies, issuing warnings? Why are we left to collect pocket change for research by ourselves when these institutions have billions of dollars and a mandate to do exactly that?

I am asking a genuine question here. Any insight will be appreciated.

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They won’t investigate PFS unless forced to because the authorities are corrupt.



I’m not sure if thousands have died from it…

Thousands of PFS deaths is not unrealistic given that Propecia has been on the market for over 20 years.

So you think it is less than 2,000 people who have died as a result of PFS? I am genuinely surprised to hear that.

Here is my perfunctory analysis of PFS morbidity.

It could be better supported with evidence but I don’t think the estimate is wrong.

We would be able to estimate mortality figures a bit better if we analyzed the archives of PH, which I have proposed doing before…

The answer to the question is :
Vaping products are not regulated, those companies do not provide money to the FDA.

Finasteride is a regulated drug, FDA have their pockets filled of money with Merck.


The true amount of suicides from fin is unknown but I will tell you it’s much more then 59. Maybe in the thousands. Think of all the people who got PFS when this drug was approved and back then the internet wasn’t anything like it is today. If we make YouTube videos and there’s at least 100 of us telling our stories they might take action. I think at this point the forums are good for support but it isn’t going to help us spread our word.


Worldwide there is probably a minimum of a hundred PFS suicides per year.


Mystery health conditions seem to be in vogue at the moment. Three recent documentaries on major networks/streaming services:

“Chasing The Cure”, in which doctors are crowd sourced to find cures to baffling conditions. “You get enough people involved, we’re gonna figure it out”

“Diagnosis” on Netflix


“Afflicted” on Netflix



Vape lung is spreading and the CDC is warning people not to use vaping products while they are investigating the cause. In a media briefing, the public health agency said that some 450 people are now thought to be affected, and as many as five have died.”

Again, notice the contrast with how PFS has been treated. A lot more than 450 people have been affected with PFS, and a lot more than 5 have died from it…


“The CDC is working with numerous state authorities and the FDA to identify the cause of this malady”

No survey or consortium of scientists required! It is quite astonishing how hard some are having to work to even get a government authority to look our way, let alone get them to identify the cause.


The FDA most have some sort of vested interest in tobacco.

Its not like they care about peoples health.