Why antibiotics make my libido better?

I was cured sexually at first crash by taking antibiotics for my acne but it’s gone when I quit off antibiotic and last 2 days I was taken cipro for acne and my libido gets higher. What is behind this? Prostatitis or?

Positive experiencies with antibiotics in PFS patients are widely reported on this forum, expecially regarding sexual sides.

Mind, there are also reports of people getting worse after exposure to antibiotics.

I don’t have any answer for you I’m afraid, but it could be that antibiotics are lowering the numbers of some damagind bacteria in your gut, giving you relief.

Someone mentioned about NMdA receptor, does anyone have knowledge how to activate NMDA receptors ?

Any clue?

Check your microbiome for parassites and gut diversity.

You could have some sort of bacteria overgrowth/unbalance causing a part of your symptoms or preventing your body from healing.