Why all the fatigue and depresssion? My four-year proscar experience

Hey everyone! Firstly thanks for all your input into this site as it has been an amazing reality check to read through all your fascinating stories and words of advice. My story started almost five years ago and like most young men here in their early twenties I was becoming increasingly worried about inheriting my father’s receding hair line. So off I went to a so-called ‘hair-loss specalist’ and he prescribed me both proscar and minoxidil.

Looking back on the early days of treatment I do recall experiencing quiet severe levels of fatigue, depression and lethargy. I thought at the time it was a viral infection and had no inkling that it may have been a result of the proscar as the specalist and doctors told me that any side-effects would be very unlikely. I remember being so tired that as soon as I would come home from work bed was the only place I wanted to go. I also had numerous blood tests however every one always appeared in the ‘normal’ range. I must admit I fortunately never noticed any decrease in my libido or sex drive as it was always about fatigue and lethargy.

I have been fortunate that I have been able to keep up my high levels of fitness and sporting commitments which has helped my levels of significant fatigue. Although it is almost impossible some times to get my self out to train as the levels of fatigue certainly turn you away from it and more towards slepp. However exercise and releasing endorphins was certainly the best way to deal with the tiring symptons, albeit short-term only. In terms of the hair-loss treatment I must admit it did work fine as I kept all my remaining hair and have barely lost any since starting the treatment 4 and a half years ago.

I came across this site today when I was google-ing reasons for fatigue (as today was another day of overwhelming fatigue) and all the responses I got didn’t seem to apply to me. I thought about it some more and realised that the only real anomaly in my daily diet is that I take one-quater of a proscar tablet every day. Therefore I typed in ‘proscar fatigue depression’ and was completely shocked at the responses I got and most notably this site!! It was subsequently completely fascinating to read all these anecdotes and it immediately convinced me to stop taking the pill as of today!

I will be keeping a close check on my progress however it looks like it may be a long road getting back to my normal super-energetic self! I know I haven’t got depression (as my life is very good) as it is just tiredness however I feel incredibly frustrated that this drug may have been the cause of all my misery and hardship over the last four-five years! I strongly urge everyone to consider taking this drug as nothing is more important and valuable than the way you feel on the inside compared to what other people may perceive you as! I look forward to experiencing and reporting on hopefully some positive improvements as I have honestly forgotten what it feels like to be wide-awake and full of energy!

All the best to you all and thanks for reading my story.

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i´m suffering severe fatigue too. How are you actually?

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