Whole body vibration for inflammation and gut health

Sounds like new age quackery but there may be something to it. Some studies have shown whole body vibration boosts metabolism and anti inflammatory markers

“Our data demonstrated that an acute session of WBV in people with COPD does not change levels of proinflammatory markers but was able to increase IL-10, an important anti-inflammatory marker. This trend needs to be addressed in further studies with greater samples. In addition, a better understanding of the acute effect of WBV on variables related to COPD will allow the elaboration of more effective training protocols and, consequently, this method may be an additional tool to complete rehabilitation programs.”

It boosts the micro biome too apparently

I’m going to buy a vibration plate and see if it helps me any. my gut health and inflammation are destroyed by this disease and mimic copd.

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Funnily enough I’ve just purchased one for the same reasons.

Whole body vibration was a big trend in the 60’s, albeit by different methods. Maybe you can find one of these:


The experiments revealed various changes as a result of WBV. A crucial finding was a 17-fold increase in a gut bacterium that plays a key role in inflammation.

The bacterium goes by the name of Alistipes, and its role is to raise levels of short-chain fatty acids — compounds that lower inflammation in the gut. Previous research has found low levels of the bacterium in people with Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease, explain the researchers.

Among the short-chain fatty acids that Alistipes bacteria help release is butyrate, a metabolite of dietary fiber, which can reverse the negative effects of eating a high-fat diet.

Drs. Yu and Baban also explain that Alistipes help ferment the food in the gut and improve metabolism in general, helping the body use sugar to create energy.


I’ll be doing 30 min a day for a month and post my results

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Abdominal vibration stimulation has been reported to increase motility of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, to reduce colon transit time, and to reduce constipation in older patients.

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Furthermore, WBV produced an acute increase in the circulating levels IGF-1 (HGH) and cortisol greater than that observed following the same exercise protocol conducted without vibration.

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Wish I was as hip as those ladies


Sometimes when I am having a hard time with a painful blocked up BM, I will jiggle/shake the area of my lower abdomen while sitting. Often it will seem to “shake loose” the blockage and enable “success.”

I guess this is rudimentary body vibration? TMI? JIM

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Never tmi dude


Having a horrendous crash/reaction to the vibration. Guys i am doomed to hell forever. My derealization is so fucking absolutely insane and it 100% is the micro biome change I had 2 solid shit today and they smelled weird nd now over the course of rhe day my derelaization has skyrocketed to a level I’ve never had. I am.not kidding i truly can not beleive how insane my derealization is. Now jonts, bones muscles aching I’m.trying to type a lot to keep my self distracted and talking to my dad on the phone. I am in big big big fucking trouble. I truly can not fathom this.

ANY alteration to the micor biome can drastically change everything.

I am.not fucking kidding I have done nothing else

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I also bought a plate v recently used for 2 mins twice daily look at me now. Ffs could be linked to the worsening state… Sorry man.

All i can think is that it’s shook up the waste and caused it to leak into the blood stream and maybe also aggravated an already inflamed prostate. Idk.

Went from diarrhea to solid stools, which I’d normally say is a good sign but not when you’re slayn by suicidal ideation and the worst of everything else

I sometimes wonder if a temporary stoma would help the likes of us.

This is just unbelievable

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Bro it has fucked me. I wad already doing so bad! I slept for 1 hrs and am soaked in sweat I havent had this in a long time. The vibration did something like that yes. I too had solid(ish) stool for the first time in ages. My derealization is screaming terribly bad. I can barely see through the visual snow.

I believe you are correct. No matter it was certainly the vibration that has done this as nothing else has changed.

No end to the torture of this disease

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Ive thought the same thing man numerous times. My friend has a stoma he was very sick before it and is doing/looking so much healthier now I’ve joked about it with them.

It’s something I would strongly consider truth be told

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Yep the reality… A stoma is a leap with no guarantees, then there’s the risk of infection, healing. If it was successful the benfjts could be huge and i thknm it would be a temporarymeasure only. Our colons are so inflammed there’s no rest and digest. My body weight has dropped to levels I haven’t seen since being a kid.

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