Who makes the best Tribulus?

I’m going to try Tribulus again.

Can anyone recommend what is the best band of Tribulus to buy ?

Vemoherb, Tribestan and MediHerb. Everything else is cheap Chinese tribulus and with almost no protodioscin.


I am happy with Muscletech, high dose.

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I’m not sure how true this is but according to this website that sells Bulgarian Tribulus the highest level of protodioscin you can have is 29%. Anyone claiming other wise is apparently marketing BS.


We need to be aware of Protodioscin which is the primary active ingredient in Bulgarian Tribulus which raises testosterone. Bulgarian Tribulus Trybest contains 29% Protodioscin which is the highest in the world today! Remember Protodioscin is the main ingredient in Tribulus! Due to the purifying process it is only possible to reach 29% Protodioscin.

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I’ve been using Tribulus for the last week or so one thing I can say for sure is that it increases Libido.

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MediHerb Tribulus I think its the better and with difference

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Would you elaborate?

What brand and how much did you take?
Did the effects last?

Its awhile since I used it but it did make my libido shoot up temporarily.

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