Who lost his Fiancee after getting pfs?

The Impotence, the ED (and the shrunken genitals) are the most stigmatzing issues. Manhoud is stolen, you are totally blamed in bed, you have lost the one you love, the one you want to spent your live with and another man gives sex to the woman you loved and who loved you. How did you manage this trauma over the time.


I work out in the gym, that shit motivates me like hell. And I’m doing everything in my power to become healthy again.


I try hard as hell not to think about it.


Jin how are you doing these days - any positive movement?


I lost mine a stunning woman on an shitfaced old fart and ugly widow comforter that really hurts.


Mentally actually a lot better, but no magic solution. Digestion and sleep now basically fine.

I don’t log in to this or other fora much, which is kinda shameful really, but I gotta cope and try and get through this life somehow, and that’s my way of coping. Missing the days when I was a bodybuilder and I had love and had potential, now I’m just declining and old. There is very little positivity, especially on this forum, so I avoid it.

Still try the occasional experiment though and if anything changes or trials/time fix me I’ll be back.

Take care everyone. :slight_smile:


@jinstewart and @danielpaul thank you for your reply! Thanks all you’ve liked the topic! It cures my injured soul!

And…There would be nothing I would like more as leaving this forum after healing pfs and join tinder, single parties or at first try to reconquer my ex…

With Mitch Sabine and Axolotl forum tries to get out of anonymity. From suffering to a fight club for our rights and against pharma criminality. Together with rxisk and other fighters for human rights…


I’m in the same situation man, altough i’m 18. Lost my GF and knowing she’s living her life the fullest and enjoying other guy(s). Not like she’s a hoe but once that guy was me. We have too much to carry after PFS, way too much


Same as me we. I think you already read all the details of the story of my stunning fiancee and me, now sick from prescription of a legal drug. Given to me as a pharma test package, just to try, although I denied because of sexual active girlfriend. The start of my ride straight down to hell. And forgotten for an old monsterfart as father and consultant and many sex affairs. But it’s alright because at last no one but myself killed my own live by taking the monster poison in a state of psychotic Disorder.

Don’t be insecure bro, casual sex is nothing like a real relationship. Women always prefer real love over an 9 inch cock. And if they do prefer that penis then i can’t be attracted to them lol


I had an almost opposite situation. Pre PFS, i married a woman who turned out to be everything you don’t want in a wife. She walked out on me about a year after we were married. I had pretty much written her off, and that’s when I took finasteride. With all the depression, messed up feeling, and the pain that comes when you first get PFS, I became weak and asked her back.

Needless to say, I’m still paying the price for that, with both being married to a woman who makes me miserable and PFS. I wish I were single and living without her, even with PFS, which she doesn’t even have a clue I have.


i didnt lose a fiance but i lost someone i consider a soul mate whos now married happily. though she didnt end things with me or leave because of PFS.

PFS cost me the opportunity to reconnect with her which were my plans. but shes high maintenance and requries a certain lifestyle. my relapses prevented me from getting to that level in time. also didnt want to show up with all the mental sides

ive been reading some dating coach websites recently (highly vetted ones, not gender hating frustrated guys) and recurring topics are why wives make husbands miserable

so after reading your post i had to laugh, sorry :smiley:

why cant you login here much?

also, PS - there’s loads of positive stuff around the corner