Who is the longest/oldest member on here?

Who is the oldest member on here that had bad sexual sides?

Has anybody had PFS for more than 5 years here?

Does sexual function improve or get better?

I think we have Guy here who told us he is suffering since 1997 with PFS he took Proscar in 1994…

Really Crazy

And he is still ruined sexually ?

Impotent still?

he is probably an old man now, we cant compare wıth our sıtuatıons.

I don’t know how much attention you’ve been paying to the forum but it’s been around since 2006, the yahoo group before that 2003, and we have many posters who were active then and still are now. I know guys who’ve had PFS since the late 90s.

For the most part people improve but it has to be said don’t recover. Also bear in mind that it is only in the last couple of years funding and research has begun whereas if this happened to you in the first decade after Propecia was sold you were on your own. It’s misleading to think that because some other guy has had this ten years you will be the same.

i think he says he has still ED and another sexual Problems…But like Luckfax says it must not to be the same Case for you…I hope it

I just started year 5 in recovery. And by recovery I imply that it’s possible even though I don’t know for sure yet.
If I didn’t have some form of hope to hang a hat on, my choice would be that the hat would hang me.

After 4 years, I can honestly say IT IS POSSIBLE TO IMPROVE your health and well being.

However, it appears that only those who actually get off their ass and ACTUALLY DO the things which are being recommended on propeciahelp will experience these positive changes.

I’m one of those guys who waited, wallowing in self pity while I did research, gathered info on supplements, vitamins, minerals and diet plans. Continually feeling defeated after each new bottle of whatever didn’t work.

It wasn’t until I tried these things that I began to notice big improvements: (likely enabling all the pills to work effectively)
Diet - avoid gluten, dairy, sugar
Exercise- at least 4-5 days a week, heavy weights, sprints, cardio (Protein shakes with BCAA’s before/after w/o)
Sleep- at least 8 hours a night or as much as you can get away with (helps body create GH)

Much has been discussed about things to ingest to help the body recover already. I only post this to highlight the importance of the above, and that each of us need to grab ourselves by our own balls and ‘man up’ to the challenge.
You will never know if you don’t try. By the way, I’m 48 and disabled with spine injuries. I know you young bucks can do this!!

According to my blood tests my 3 adiol g (probably the best marker we have yet in the blood for PFS) is almost exactly the same as it was two weeks after I came off propecia. It has now been 3 years and 3 months off (from the time I crashed) and although my blood tests say otherwise I do feel somewhat better in some respects. More so in regards to mental sides than physical/sexual ones. PFS is like a biochemical disease that effects the nervous system through a altered hormone profile… but the good thing is the nervous system can adapt even though the biochemical aspect stays the same. Read up on nueroplasticity. What I’m saying is that the reason I’m not experiencing depression, anxiety and insomnia like I was in the first year is because my nervous system has adapted to the condition to some extent.

Realize that the body prioritizes healing… thus from a biological standpoint mental sides are much more life threatening than sexual ones. Not to say for sure that the body can heal the sexual sides but I have seen some improvements there too… just not to the same degree as the mental sides. This all varies from person to person some people are depressed even years later. Some of us handle the whole thing better or worse regardless of sides. IMO the mental sides are what really kills people and the sexual sides effects only exacerbate them even more.

What you say in your post is exactly the approach that seems to be working for me, intense exercise clean diet and bcaa.

too depressing to even contemplate, there’s got to be solutions

Stupidly I took it from when it first was released ('98 was it?) and I was 37, until 07/2011.
Didn’t ever make the connection and discontinued it for other reasons, then became MUCH worse
and after that made the causal connection.

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I’ve been off the drug since 2008 and now it’s 2021. It’s been a long road and I’m still not recovered but I have come a long way


Which symptoms of yours have been improved? What substances have provided your imrpovements?

Haven’t really improved at all since 2007. Some mental sides may have gotten better but it also may be the case that I have just gotten used to them. Still no libido or sexual sensation. If newer members had any idea of just how permanent a condition this apparently is until science get done then the mentality here would be entirely different. I think that the vast majority of people here don’t realise how fucked we all are if we don’t get research going ASAP.

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Over 20 years in. ED, insomnia and anxiety within weeks of taking it. No PFS awarenes then. Continued taking on and off for a further 15 years. I’ve only got worse with time and repeated exposure

Came down with PFS in 2007, so 14 years now. Many symptoms have improved but ED continues. Only thing that seems to help with sex drive is weed, but that has other issues. For libido on a scale of 1 to 10 weed will move me from a 1 to a 2 or so.