Who is still in bed now? Massiv problems to get out!

I just want to know how many other users are bedbound or have problems to stand up before midday because of the fatigue.
I’m in the first six months, when I get improvements.

Put your phone in a different room before you go to sleep?

Yes I have to stop the forum and Facebook and WhatsA groups soon. To get the connection to reality again.

Better try to speak to real people, real friends, trying to start real projects.

But right now and the last 4 months, I was so suicidal, so upset over me as castrated and lobotomized ExSexGod and so sure my live is destroyed by my own mistake to take the drug, that I have to kill myself.

The great full community of victims give me the power to survive.

Otherwise I would thing I’m the only alien of the world. And I have to clean up my surrounding of me as garbage and a human failure.

That’s not what I meant.

I assumed that you were posting from your bed, if your phone was in another room, you’d at least have to get up to do that!

I think a lot of moderate to severe cases will note the difficulty in getting out of bed the first 6-12 months. The fatigue symptom is a real bitch to get used to, particularly if you were active before PFS.

I really don’t think there’s much that can be done other than intellectually motivating yourself to get out of bed because you know it’s the right thing to do. I still have days after many years of just lying in bed because unfortunately my body needs it.

Just need to try and keep trying. It’s the only way to keep moving forward.


Good that you think about six to twelve month to accept this new situation and for coming up again.

I’m really working for accept the new situation. At last it’s the trauma of the crash, the sexual surrender and the self harming use of the described pills, not checking the internet, that keep me denying my new situation. Neurologically it’s the fatigue. Physiological it’s the muscle atrophy. What’s keeping me in bed denying everything wich cold perform the new situation

On the other hand, if I reset live to a lower baseline and forget the trauma of the past, I could enjoy little things again. Step by step…

But fatigue is the hardest thing, even if once sexuall a sex God again, fatigue is horrible.

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Fuck, this hanging up in bed becomes more and more excessive. Now I hang till 2 pm in bed. I loose even motivation on my daily walk through the wood. I loose motivation for everything.
It’s hard to find some pleasure if chemical castrated and lobotomized.

What time do you typically wake up? How long are you lying around in bed while you’re awake?

I wake up between 7:30 and 9:00. Sometimes I stand up at 11 to 12 normal are 13 pm. I hang up sleeping, chatting, browse the internet, there is no will and no drive to stand up anymore. Only the weekend with my child I stand up between 9 and 10. So it’s possible.

But it’s a strange feeling like I don’t life my own live anymore. I life a live of a stranger. I have nothing to do with this live anymore.

So I don’t go to the gym, don’t eat healthy, don’t clean up my house, don’t wash or brush anymore, don’t wash my clothes. I wait to refuse from this planet.

The fatigue symptom is a real bitch to get used to, particularly if you were active before PFS.

The Fatigue is the worst symptom in daily live. Half the day bedbound. First at midday I’m able for activities.

There is a short activity high between 7:30 and 9 am with much self-discipline maybe I can make some improvements

@Exsexgod It’s important to get out of bed and trying to go back to routine. Before PFS there was a time I was unemployed for a few months. Spend this time being at home, gaming and sleeping aaaall day long. Had no power was damn tired to do anything else until I found a new job that literally forced me to go out and do something.

I just want to say that if you keep going like that you it will get much harder for you.

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Dear @Jonnas12 it is a ugly vicious cycle. Hanging in bed half the day, getting more tiered, muscles going weaker, household crashes, organization crashes, no fun to meet my last friend’s.

If it’s getting harder, I have to take all my power to clean up the house. Locking for someone who looks for my organization. And than I have to enter a psychiatric hospital.

I think I’m in a vicious state. I loose control over my live.

And I have no parents, no partner, no one who helps me, no support from anyone. My little daughter and her mother life their own live in the city. My Ex fiance has cut me out of her live like cancer, after two years she wanted family and getting closer to me all the time.

Are you still working with PFS or do you stay at home?

It becomes harder and harder to get out off the bed and to do my basic household. Like cleaning, tide up the chaos, U really need help.

I need psychosocial support.
I need some one who looks for me.
I have lost control over my live.

Holy shit I can t organize my live anymore

Yes I am working, gladly. Without work I would not know what to do (with or without pfs). I just got promoted a few days ago again. So work is going fine but I still struggle with mental issues like slurring while speaking and forgetfulness. Sometimes I feel like really confused at work. It is annoying as hell.

But I have to admit that my first month in my position was really hard. Was depressed no emotions and motivation to do anything. Now it has gotten better.


Dear @Jonnas12 thank you for your reply!

I’m out of work since 2003 because of Borderline. The last 18 Years I lifed a good live, doing my organization I have a rental House, making huge walks and bycicle tours. On long relationship, a little daughter, than alone again, some affairs, the last relationship ended up by PFS symptoms.

Now after PFS I cannot stay alone no more. I really don’t know what to do. I’m depressed and tiered of this anhedonic feeling all the day. No more lust for live. So after my second Covid Vaccine I feel more tired than ever. And I have given up for the last few days.

But a friend of mine already told me today to force me to function as s Roboter and to stand up at nine o clock, doing my household, to break the vicious cycle more sleep more weak.

And the ending of my last relationship is eating my entire self-consciousness my humanity and my soul. It breaks down my whole personal history from sexgod to an impotent sick maniac.

It’s so incredibly creazy to develop such a rare syndrome. So weird!

I hang now till 1:30 pm in bed. Although I wake up between 7:30 till 9 o clock but I have no motivation to get out of the bed. Than I have breakfast an than I sit in this :seat: chair an browse this forum and some chats. I don’t do the household, don’t screen the post for bills. Nothing!