Who is bedbound?

Who is bedbound. I’m half to full day bedridden. Who else?

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Dear brother, even if you can’t get out of bed, I hope you can open the window, bask in the sun or breathe fresh air.As long as we move towards common goals, such a life will end in a few years.

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I was, from time to time. If I force myself to get up, or must for some other reason, I find that I’m really ok throughout the day.

It’s really that initial push to get out of bed that’s difficult. This is a painful condition that severely affects our motivation but if we can muster the strength to get out of bed, the day will be better and it helps us break that cycle that can keep some of us bedridden.

Getting out of that rut is really a challenge, but it’s worth overcoming it. On days where I tried to break out of it, I would just go on long walks, sometimes five or ten miles a day in the city. The stimulation really helps.


I’m always bed bound…only stimulants have helped with energy, motivation and hope.

So are you going weak muscles and a weak body too. Sometimes not any motivation to stand up. For what?! I have lost every lust for life. Totally!!

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