Who here has high SBHG?


My SBHG is high and it’s the only thing that makes sense in regards to my low libido, who else has this and who has suggestions on how to lower it ? Thanks


mine went from like 25 to 50. but i’ve also lowered my TRT dose considerably so my high SHBG makes perfect sense. the lower your E2 the lower the SHBG. many things alter your SHBG though a simple google search can help determine that


Do you think that could be causing my low libido/erections ? I know most people say hormone panels mean nothing in this disease but high SBHG and my free test is bottom range ?


not everyone who takes finasteride and suffers symtoms actually has PFS. this is my opinion atleast. finasteride messes with your hormones. it can absolutely dysregualte your hpta and cause hypogonadism and we’ve seen people get better merely with clomid, hcg, or TRT. yes, very low or very high SHBG can cause symtoms. there’s a guy on excelmale with a SHBG of 8. he does not feel TRT at all. no matter what dosing protocol he tries.


Would you be knowledgeable enough to suggest a route for myself to look into? Not holding you accountable of course just a mere opinion? Maybe I could PM and we could chat if you have time


We can kep it here for others to see. If you’d like post your most recent blood work, and provide a link to your side effects if you’ve posted them on this site. I would be glad to give you my personal opinion


Mine was high, but my bio available T, free T, and total T were through the roof as well


See mine is high, my total t is like middle low and my free test is low… estradiol 92 also … I wonder if I should try tweaking these as something is off clearly ?


I’m gonna go get updated ones tomorrow, thanks man… is there a link letting me know exactly which blood tests would help ?


I have very high SHBG, and it’s been climbing steadily over the years. I’m not sure what to make of it.

I’ve also had no luck in lowering SHBG. Tried Danazol, and it fucked me up. I could go down the testosterone/DHT route, but those levels are quite high, so it doesn’t seem right. But this thread makes me wonder if low-dose insulin could be a worthwhile experiment.

Paper describing how insulin injections lower SHBG –


How’re your symptoms ? And what do you mean by fucked you up (dianozol) have you tried masterolone I heard that’s good too


I also have very high SHBG, its been as high as 102 and 80 last time tested. I’ve been to see endos/urologists here in tthe UK wwho said ‘i’m one of those people with high SHBG’ kind of worry as I think high SHBG is linked to Osteoporosis I think?


Have you ever tried to lower it ?


I’ve tried a few basic things like Boron and dont think it really did anything, not really sure how to lower it. I’ve read Tongkat Ali can lower it and I’ve wanted to try this just haven’t got round to ordering any.


@Rmoney96 – When I took Danazol I got brainfogged to the point of being unable to work. Testicles were also hurting. I took it for about a week.

Mesterolone / Proviron would probably help lower SHBG, but my DHT is normal (or even high sometimes), so it doesn’t seem like the right angle.

The situation is very strange. Sky high SHBG, normal T, normal to high DHT, normal E, but near zero free T. Normally, when people present with high SHBG, it’s because their T or DHT is low or E is high. My measurements don’t fit into any patterns I’ve seen.


I also have way lower free t than usual, have you found anything to help your symptoms ?


Everything you said is true, however, and to put it frankly, if your nuts aren’t secreting adequate amounts of T your SHBG will increase as well independently of where your E2 is. This is fact and not my opinion


@gents93 - it’s hard to know what “adequate” is. My total T looks good on the tests I’ve taken.

It’s possible that my pre-PFS “normal” is way above the “test range normal”…


@Rmoney96 – Haven’t found anything yet.

Here’s a list of things that affect SHBG –

I’m currently trying to gain weight using healthy carbohydrates, and in the process increase my insulin production. I might also try injecting small doses of insulin.


my total is 370~ range was something from264 to 916 but free is below range so I probably have elevated shbg as well last shbg was 44.7 range 16-55 but free t was better back than