Who here actually recovered penis size, and how?

I’ve yet to see any proposed therapy for regaining penile size, except for Sildenafil with varying results and its own side effects.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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TRT might help

I know up to 10 people who recovered their size, however most of them were temporary. I have been searching, collecting individual data alot. And the thing i can say, there is no common way to restore it. Everybody has their own method for recovery. I suggest trying carnivore/keto diet before trying anything else.

I think some people have found that low-dose Cialis helps. At the very least, it’s supposed to prevent loss of size.

Has anyone who fully recovered said they regained size after? CDNuts said he regained size but opinion of him on here isn’t great

Wouldn’t the way to restore it be to get cured of PFS and have healthy hormones restore the penis? At least that’s what makes sense to me

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Yes once we get whatever the hell shut off in our bodies back and running from a cure/treatment we should go back into homeostasis and slowly recover the damage dealt maybe months or a year. I’ve had shrinkage reverse temporarily but never lasted when I used tribulus.

I think the tissue would slowly heal itself.

My best friend went through harsh chemo and radiation lost all his muscle, I assume sex drive and fertility, weight etc. and he healed after within a 6-12 months back to 100% I think the androgen receptors are silenced it’s a good theory. Gene therapy is going to help us if that’s the case.

Trt/HCG helped me in this department.