Who have this to your teeth?

I have demineralized teeth, erosion, move, and appear with osteorporosis.

Searching for users only Blackfox-Quantumfaith”s and Konflict had this.

Altogether the teeth became transparent.
There is a top layer with osteoporosis.
Teeth hurt.
Gingival recession.
Teeth move.
Erosion (also in nails the finger in the center is riddled)

The nails also are loose and get up if I do extremity pressure.

It is good to say that I did not have these symptoms before.
They arose after using Vitamin D3 (Aromatase inhibitor) and destroyed me.

This is SCARY.

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There’s many cases. Cantsleep springs to mind, also Anthony and Bloom off the top of my head had a lot of dental work.

When I crashed I very rapidly developed extreme pain in my teeth and bones, and I still have a lot now, but it comes and goes. They are definitely looser, far more sensitive and weaker.

I will be discussing this in more detail in my paper with @awor but there’s been some recent interesting research regarding the impact of antiandrogens and the role of the functional AR in teeth, including this:

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This shit is due to estrogen, it’s not the common PFS.

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@axolotl So you have the same teeth as in my photo? It is not a problem of enamel is osteoporosis. And what is it to tell me about the nails? Why is the teeth-nails riddled on the surface also? I have read that the ER receptor is in the nails and those with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) have this. In addition to this, I have frightening joint hypermobility, I can touch the forearm with my thumb, I have lost the resistance of connective tissues. I know what you think, but I (Quantum RIP and Konflict) believe we have the Aromatase Syndrome because we both used aromatase inhibitors.

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There is the same white layer that I have

This is extremely scary, what is not going to improve.
What will I do when I lose ALL my teeth?
I’m better dead.

I’m going to have a tooth diagnosis.

I’ve got the same problems with my teeth and nails. I’ve had teeth lengthening surgery to help with gum recession. This has only helped fill the gaps but not the recession which continues. My dentist cannot figure out the cause but accepts PFS may exist. He hasn’t seen anything like this before. 3 years ago I had no problems at all. It’s been quite agressive.as directed I use toothpaste with extra flouride which has not helped. The symptoms come and go dependant on which hormones are playing up! Teeth and gums tend to generally be sensitive 50 % of the time though not at night!!!

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Ciao friend, so do you have the same nail as in the picture?
Nice to know I not alone… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Have you seen a dentist? What did he say?

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I’ll see him soon to have a diagnosis

I have the same nails as in the picture

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Tonight another molar broke. This my fourth tooth that has broken/chipped/cracked since I started Proscar a year ago.

I also have the ridges on my nails. FYI, Jim