Who has tried Zembrin?

I have had severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder my entire life, it has almost been as bad as PFS itself. I am trying everything to find relief from anxiety. I doubt many of you have tried this, but Zembrin is a standardized extract of Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum). It is an SRI, not an SSRI. Apparently it works by reducing overactivity in the amygdala or something to that effect. There is a pubmed article on it. I am this close to purchasing it because I cannot deal with this ailment. Even though it works through serotonin reuptake inhibition, it is technically not the same type of substance as the antidepressants that many on here have suffered from. Would be great to hear from people who have used Zembrin or Kanna. I am not expecting many replies.

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Hi, I haven’t used the drug but I’d also be interested to see if this has helped anyone too.
I know what severe anxiety is like, I have always been an anxious person like yourself my whole life but nowhere near what I am now.

Since everything went bad with my health the past 4 years I’ve barely went outside.
I go to work and go home, that’s about it, I really don’t like it outside or in the light for that matter.

Everything looks so surreal, I still can’t really comprend what is happening to my body as we don’t have an understanding of what is wrong with us yet.

The uncertainty and paralysing anxiety from everything makes doing anything in life pretty hard, I live at home so I’m lucky in that regard because I don’t think I’d survive alone like this.
Basic tasks are almost impossible with anxiety, it’s very hard to explain.

Apologies if I derailed your thread a bit but I’d be interested to know if you’re able to cope with anxiety at all?
Has anything helped? I don’t know anyone with severe anxiety and trying to talk to someone who doesn’t experience it is near impossible.

In my experience people really don’t understand, it’s so easy to say just get on with it or give advice when you’ve not living that reality.

I’d like to note I’m on an SSRI right now, Brintilex. It’s the only one I haven’t had a really awful experience with, I don’t know if it’s helping much or making anything worse, but when I was off it things seemed even worse than they were now so I decided to go back on it.

I will note, Sertraline gave me genital numbing years before accutane that never fully recovered, so if this Zembrin drug is similar to an SSRI mechanism wise, I’d say it’s a gamble taking it.

I can tell you in depth about how to manage anxiety disorder, for me it has been quite a long and complicated process. Send me a message if you want me to help you.