Who got better with time? When does fog and insomnia shift?

When does the fog and insomnia lift?

Two months after a second big PFS crash, get 4 hours max.

Anything help sleep?

Idk if I have pfs mk2 or something else because of quitiapine and mirtazapine usage this year and in 2019 respectively.

Dude I’m about 4 years since having my last pill and the answer is “it depends.” It depends on what I’ve done that day. I’ve learned to accept that some nights will be better than others.

I had horrible insomnia first time around that was “solved” by seroquel, which made me put on 15kg, and I didn’t realise how risky the drug could be.

I don’t know what to do. I slept 8 hours a night for years then I got involved in some awful workplace where my pfs got known about and ended up taking zma to deal with insomnia from that. Then crash last year warning me but I was too dumb to join the dots and post here at least. Taking that plus seroquel fuck me.

Feel fucking suicidal, crying a lot.

Have you tried zolpidem? For a condition that has taken so many things away without mercy, zolpidem is the one thing that has taken something back. I think it’s safer than seroquel.