Which supplements combat the mental side effects the most?


Has anyone noticed what supplements combat the mental side effects of PFS the most (e.g. brain fog)? I have noticed that if I wean myself off of the supplements I have been taking brain fog starts to come back and it seems like its creatine that combats it the most, but that seems pretty unlikely me. Thanks in advance.


Can you describe your brain fog?


Creatine is a good supplement.
However, in my experience, supplements are not strong enough.
You can try pseudoephedrine. It works greatly for mental sides (fatigue, brain fog, depression, anhedonia). Effects lasted about 4 hours.
Give it a chance.


I’ve read elsewhere on the forum that creatine can cause crashes. Maybe I’m taking to much or the wrong way, and it seems to upset my stomach. How are you taking pseudoephedrine? Is it prescribed, or are you taking something specific over-the counter. I’ve had positive benefits with Gingo, but it’s only been a couple of weeks.


Sodium bicarbonate helps.


I have definitely found that after drinking coffee for a few days, my symptoms start to get significantly worse (i.e. brain fog, depression), until I do a 24 hour fast and that sort of resets it. Has anyone had this experience too? Any idea of whether it is the caffeine or the acidity of coffee causing this? And has anyone had significant adverse effects after consuming alcohol? I am going on a cruise for a week which usually involves the daily consumption of alcohol (although responsibly) and was wondering if there is anything I should be worried about? Thanks for all the previous replies and thanks in advance for replies to this one.


Caffeine definitely has negative effects for me. It increases my anxiety levels through the rough and makes my skin feel inflamed.


If you search the forum for “alcohol” you’ll find lots of discussion of it. For my part, I have been experimenting with a few drinks in an evening and it appears to not cause me a problem. I haven’t consumed enough to get drunk since this started. At most 4 beers, but I was aware that I’d been drinking for sure. I think you’ll find some who say it does worsen their symptoms.