Where to order Wellbutrin

Hello, please help me where can i order wellbutrin…

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Just visit a psychiatrist (or a general practitioner). Tell them you need antidepressants and want wellbutrin because you want to avoid the side effects of SSRIs

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I first ordered it from an online smoking cessation website. Wellbutrin and Bupropion are the same thing, it’s different names and marketed differently, but you can look it up.

Personally, I found it effective, and when I ran out of websites to order from, I went to a psychiatrist. It’s easy to have them prescribe something-just tell them you have PFS and they won’t believe you and think your crazy. He prescribed me Wellbutrin, which I have been taking for about a year, along with some other really dangerous SSRI’s, which I don’t take, It took about two months to gradually feel the effects. I started at 150mg and am up to 300 now.

How is it to take Wellbutrin? To what extent did it change your symptoms? Thinking about getting it myself as well.

Wellbutrin also causes PSSD. I assume everyone does their best to dig up potential horror stories on whatever drug they’re considering next, but just in case, typing this in Google brings up 3 with 5 or more people claiming to have gotten or worsened their PSSD from Wellbutrin:

inurl:forum OR inurl:reddit wellbutrin gave me pssd

It can’t cause PSSD by definition. It’s not an SSRI.

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Spot on. Wellbutrin is a unique drug that mainly effects dopamine and Norepinephrine and is one of the weaker anticholinergic drugs compared to other drugs. It also has a very small effect on serotonin.

Hopefully a strict definition of PSSD, along with in-vitro study results, will ward off Wellbutrin side-effects :wink:

What long term side effects are being referred to and is there a reference of there being a relationship to PSSD?

By PSSD I simply mean devastating side-effects, mostly sexual, that last indefinitely.

I’m on a Wellbutrin chat group with over 15K people and none of them mention inability to get or maintain an erection. What source are you getting this info? I’m on the chat group called, “Wellbutrin support group.”

I believe I posted my source, but in case there is some confusion:


As previously stated, I counted 5 similar reports in this search, and I didn’t even check the other pages.

I would be curious if the people posting on Reddit were taking a SSRI as Wellbutrin is usually paired with it. Wellbutrin is usually an after thought after libido issues pop up from a SSRI.

The article you mentioned is listed below and the author states, “I’ve been on multiple antidepressants.”

I will however say that anything is possible with any drug. As I wrote in my personal post, aspirin is no longer recommended as a daily drug, per the American heart association.

It’s not an SSRI. It’s not known to cause PSSD.

It’s a med though, that interferes with the neurosteroids. Which can have an effect on your personality. And it will defitely have an effect on your focus and attention. It’s the reason you should or shouldn’t take it.

Besides with all meds theres a very slight chance permanent sides occur that research hasn’t reported yet. That’s just because the incidence is too low, or it hasn’t occurred in the studies, or didn’t have significant correlation in the studies and could be attributed to anhtning else. Would always keep that in mind.