Where are Awor and Mew

Awor and Mew used to be one of the most frequent posters with a lot of knowledge and contacts. They were also admins, but maybe i’m wrong about that.

I didn’t see them for a while so i looked at their profiles and saw that Mew didn’t visit or post since september 2018 and Awor since november 2020. I can’t imagine that they don’t even take a look at the site once in a while. I know that Awor was hit very hard by Milk thistle but he came back to his ‘pfs baseline’.

I don’t wanna think to dark but it worries a bit. Anybody still in contact with them?

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I spoke to Awor this week, he is fine.


Awor & Mew were invaluable members of our community and contributed significantly to our cause, Awor in particular was a huge part of the survey design and also helped Ax with the literature review on PropeciaHelp.com.

However, both have respectfully decided to disengage with the issue and move on to focus on their personal lives. We hope they’re as well as can be.


Unfortunately, the fact that these two very intelligent people decided to disengage with the PFS community says a lot about the chances to solve this issue.


Not necessarily.

I don’t know Mew so I’m not taking anything away from him (and don’t mean to) when I focus my reply on Awor.

That Awor has left the forum before we have a treatment doesn’t mean that he didn’t spearhead significant progress for everyone here. I’ve said before but running this forum, creating the foundation and a number of projects and pieces of work that people aren’t aware of are a huge amount of work. That’s on top of his own life and job away from here. I should say that as well as all the work he did, Awor literally paid for the forum and website out of his own pocket.

There’s a limit to what we can expect a person to do, even if they suffer with this problem themselves.

It’s quite possible that if people had got on board with the projects, plans, etc that Awor had been trying to get in motion a decade ago that we’d be a lot further along, and also that he wouldn’t be so burnt out.

The only thing that stops us making progress is not pushing in the same direction, self defeatist attitudes, selfishness and the misplaced beliefs that someone else is doing all the work or that it’s possible to stumble across the solution in a health food shop. In some ways, they are the biggest obstacles we face.


I admire @awor so much… a very intelligent guy whose posts made sense the most. I wish he comes here atleast once a while, he made us look like real patients rather than some hypochondriacs. A big thanks and respect to him and @Mew :pray:


As a quick addition to what I was saying earlier, there was a call to leave a comment and a like on our youtube videos to improve their visibility.

This is as easy as it’s going to get. Get to it:

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Awor and Mew put a huge amount into the community and didn’t get much back. People were more interested in talking broscience than filling out the survey and providing genetic data.


My only surprise was after dedicating so much time here, he didnt have any parting thoughts before his planned hiatus. (Maybe he’s taken breaks like this before? Does he plan on coming back or will this become similar to Mew? I do understand disconnecting from some of this at times can be the healthiest option.)
This also seemed to coincide with the revision of Awor and Mews hypothesis.
He kind of just left, as a leader I maybe would have said something.

We should have never deferred to him as a leader. He was an unthanked donor of the most valuable things we have. Nobody has any responsibilities to us at all.