Where are all the recovery stories?


I think in your case maybe you have a chance with a HPTA restart although no doubt that has risks as well. Check out this forum. Some of these guys are real pros in T-replacement, especially KSman, it seems.

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Hey, what if I try HPTA restart? will it only work well if the user hasn’t taken Fin or Isoretonin or any other such drug?


@canabis I don’t know. I have also thought about it. From what I have heard many people on this forum have tried it or variations of it and it hasn’t worked. It has made some worse. However, there are many different ways to do it.

That’s why I think we need to fund RAT STUDIES to test different protocols. I will write more about this in two weeks.

It seems having taking Fin changes the game completely from what bodybuilders experience when their hormones crash post T-cycles or whatever. So yes, if one hasn’t taken Fin, chances for HPTA to work should be higher.


yes but our genitals are not really numb, they feel numb like rubber/ leather etc… read this.

Erections are cause by the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. When you see, feel, hear – and maybe even smell or taste – something that is sexually attractive, it triggers the release of neurotransmitters. This leads to the dilation of arteries in the penis, which means more blood flows into the penis, which means the penis becomes erect. The parasympathetic system is more active when you’re sleeping, which in addition to producing erections also causes your muscles to relax and your heart rate to slow.


It is good you have low DHT because you have at least one possible lead into the puzzle. Maybe you don’t have PFS at all but something different. A good endo should know what you should take to try to address it. Obviously, saw palmetto is not it!

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Just as a data point, I’ve had all the auto immune tests and they came back normal.


yes as messed up as it sounds, it was a great feeling hearing from Dr Chrisler telling me to check my DHT. I felt a sense of relief when it came back at 220 (300-850) because It gave me something to blame my symptoms! 2 endos said my low DHT is irrelevant, and not much is known about DHT… One was a 80 year old endo the other a female :open_mouth:

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some motivation /inspiration for everyone especially at 2.10

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By any chance, did they also measure your Prolactin? I’m not sure if it’s only measured in females, or if all autoimmune issues show in tests. Here’s an article that describes much of what I’m experiencing as FPS, but in females with autoimmune issues that affect their Prolactin:


yes I got my prolactin measured, it was high but in range…


I did have an auto immune response to carbohydrates for 4 months, I did quite a few things, and it’s now fixed. I can eat carbohydrates again without feeling any symptoms.


Elevated at the moment, I am trying to lower it. Do you reckon it’ll make a difference to our/my symptoms?


Don’t know but mine is also very high.


I’ve had soooooo much bloodwork done, let me check.


If you’re interested in the bodily mechanisms behind forming a healthy erection, read this paper. It does a great job going into detail, and also ties in PDE5 inhibitors and their role:

The ideal therapy for ED should reverse or reduce the processes leading to corpus cavernosal smooth muscle dysfunction or lack of cavernous nerve activity. ED is often due to the inability of cavernous smooth muscle to relax. Events that prevent relaxation include nerve damage, endothelial dysfunction, or alterations in receptors or signal transduction pathways in cavernous smooth muscle. In general, patients with ED respond well to pharmacologic therapies. Only 10%–15% of men with ED fail to respond to currently available drugs.2022 Failures could derive from either a loss in smooth muscle content or interruption of signal transduction pathways.


I don’t understand you exactly. You have similar sypmtoms like us due to herniated disc?


i never took fin/prop/accutane ssri… It all started in may/june 2016. During this time I was also on a severe calorie restriction diet. About 1500calories but I was doing hours of running each day. I held on to the diet for 6 months, thinking I just lost my libido, eventually my genitals went numb! I even started leaking urine and I have some pain in my right testicle/vas deferens. Other causes can be the herniated disc, I have low e2 as well as low DHT 222 (300-850) I also used a antifungal cream since I was about 10 so that could be the cause. Currently I am undiagnosed with the doctors pointing me in all different directions, the neuro sends me to the uro, the uro back to the endo and all over again…


Did your doctor said anything about the herniated discs can relate to sexual dysfunction? Are your herniated discs pinching any nerve? What kind of treatment they gave to you for your spine?
Thx. I too have minor hernia in the end of my spine.


I agree @joey10 Even with intense visual stimulation there is no reaction on my part, like a total penile-brain disconnection.!!!

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I have also developed a L5-S1 herniated disc after pfs crash. I have done operation.

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