When to TRT? - concerned about mostly long term physiological affects of low T

Hi All,

In case anyone has tried TRT was wondering who generally makes the call when to TRT?
Is it the doctor or yourself to increase quality of life?
My latest test for Total T is 366 ng / dl. I am 41 years old. I am curious if I might have any physiological negativities because of the lower T e.g. insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, bone loss, heart problems etc.
*I have booked an appointment to my doctor, I am pretty sure he will not see any issues with 366 and you might know I am worried if I insist about these potential side effects he might think I am depressed, crazy etc. I don’t have any total T test result pre accutane / saw palmetto.)

My doctor put me on clomid which reset HPA since my T was non-existent post accutane use (I was using saw palmetto too at the time, not exactly sure which hit me).
T recovered at the time to 600 then 450+. I left it there. This was 5 years ago.
I would like to avoid TRT mostly because don’t want to have any medicine, hormone after this shit and still hoping for natural recovery.
(I only have ED as side and can do the job with 2.5/3mg tadalafil usually. I feel pretty normal, no longer feel like a victom or depressed. Doing long distance running which I feel helps with ED/ morning wood. Fixed my career and doing good lately.)


Are you in good physical shape currently? my numbers go down when I let myself go.

@Calcified Does this effect your symptoms as well ?

Definitely lower T effects my libido but I don’t have Ed.