When’s the last time you spent a long time in the sun?

When’s the last time you spent a long time (5+ hours) in the sun and how did it affect your side effects.

So I’m going to assume no one here has spent a significant amount of time outside

I did half of the summer.

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going in the sun helps me a bit , I usually feel better - I know people say it’s bad for you but I don’t go in as much as I used to and I always tan fairly good so :man_shrugging: I’d say everything in moderation

You’ll find most patients have mixed experiences with sunlight. Some react well and some don’t. However if I recall correctly some patients who’ve reacted negatively said their tolerance improved when they use sun cream.

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I don’t think it made much difference to me. I spent a good amount of this summer outside. Definitely more than 5 hours a day on occasion.

I work as a courier so I spend 8+ hours under the sun. No difference.