When on finasteride, I would drink alcohol to alleviate brain fog

Following the consumption of each pill I would drink two glasses of red wine to help alleviate the brain fog. It definitely worked as a temporary cure. Why did it work?

Even though there are not definite answers for anything about finasteride, nevertheless i would assume that it has something to do with allopregnanolone levels raised by alcohol consumption, which balances neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Many people on this forum have improved by the use of progesterone which is a precursor of allopregnanolone.

I’ve mentioned this before, but where alcohol seems to make most people on here feel like shit, it actually makes me feel awesome. I was never a drinker before Fin, even socially. I got hammered every once in a great while but it generally made me pretty sick and I didn’t enjoy it. I began drinking pretty heavily in the past few months, initially just as a way to cope and numb the pain. But I noticed that once I start getting sloshed most of my brain fog and speech issues melt away and a lot of my personality returns. I used to be a really hilarious, goofy guy and quick witted, the life of the party. It’s to the point where if I know I’m meeting up with friends I’ll pound a few shots beforehand. I even hooked up with a couple girls in October while trashed. I have to get pretty obliterated to have a hangover, but it’s no different than hangovers I’d have pre-fin. I doubt all that is good for my overall recovery, but I gave up on that a long time ago, so it is what it is. Not sure what causes the change in symptoms. Maybe what the previous fellow said about allo. Makes sense as I am personally of the opinion PFS is mainly brain damage and everything else cascades from that.

Yup, I have been drinking while off fin and I’m getting better and better. I think alcohol increases progesterone content in the brain.

CAP- remember what I told you? Most or my memory, personality, zest, clear thinking is comming back fast and furious

Wish I could say the same. The improvements I mentioned only last as long as I’m fucked up. Glad to hear you’re doing better, though. Consider yourself very lucky and enjoy it.

red wine boosts nitric oxide. try pomegranite juice or beet juice (you can buy this at whole foods) and see if it’s a similar effect.

maybe alcohol could be disable some damaged brain receptors. example when essential tremor patients drink alcohol their hand temors gone for a while. Maybe our receptors were damaged by fin and alcohol disables this receptors. It ıs my opinion. Worth a try.

For myself, I noticed a glass of red wine CURES my brain fog, at least temporarily. It enables me to function normally. This could be due to it’s GABA-A agonism (which allopregnengelone similarly does).

Also, side-note is reservatrol chelates copper.

However, my DRIVE to consume alcohol is ZERO and my ability to get “buzzed” or any enjoyable feeling of drunkenness is gone, and in fact I go from just being sober to being disoriented with no in-between.

Moderate drinking can alleviate brain fog for me.

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Exactly the same for me.