What's with the AccutaneDamage subreddit? 1.4 thousand Accutane victims without one of their mightiest voices - Last post 2 years ago?!

What’s with the AccutaneDamage subreddit? 1.4 thousand Accutane victims without their mightiest voice - Last post 2 years ago?!

I tried to set a link there to my list of pharma scandals and it is impossible to create a new topic or to contact the moderator.

We cannot look away if our brother community is cut from an important forum. Who knows what to do?!

@stephane1 and @Dubya_B did you hear something? Or is the main activity now on Face**book groups.
I think the active pfs, pas, pssd, lions mane, saw palmetto, Minoxidil, floxxies members should fight close together.

Only to show the dimensions the Accutane subreddit has 59 thousand Accutane fans. Not knowing that statistics knows no mercy and young victims still getting pas every day.


For me personally this Accutane topic is a very special affair. Two times I have had a guardian angel in my life. The third time the convolution of all good spirits left me and blindness, stupidity, completely crazy compulsions and just letting everything go made me swallow finasteride.

I don’t think any of us would have swallowed this madness in a focused moment. None of us has ever bought a car without a test drive, without any information as to whether the car is scrap or straight from the factory. We all swallowed these crazy pills in a bad state. And the pharma knows this and fraudulently deceives the consumers by concealing side effects.

But as a young boy with acne a “hypertrophic doctoress on amphetamines” (as I remember her) peeled my face with tretionin and it was my guardian angel that this agitated doctor had no Isotretionin to her hand in this time before Accutane, Finasteride and SSRIs came over the mankind. Otherwise I would have been now the oldest post drug syndrome patient ever.

So I feel very close to all the Accutane victims. The same with saw palmetto as a middle aged man I saw that in a health store as pumpkin seeds with saw palmetto and the guardian angel put the package back.

I want that guardian angel for all and I want that no one is fucked for profit anymore in hisher life no matter how old heshe is.


I’m not exactly sure what happened with that subreddit. The person who created it said she has been a target of harassment from some dermatologists, with one particularly insane one going as far as threatening her father’s medical career. She seems to have stepped back a little after dealing with the stress.

The subreddit was also regularly bombarded with insults from pro-Accutane people, the same way tressless members harassed PFS victims for years.


The acne subreddit has 59.600 members. 1.400 has the AccutaneDemage subreddit. It’s just a snapshot but impressive, that 2,3 % of the Accutane user pool on reddit has serious persisting problems. This is exactly the same Merck itself has determined for propecia in the clinical trails and than kicked of the serious cases from the study. (Reuters investigation / pfs network blog)

Annabel Wright, from Ripon, had been prescribed the drug Roaccutane before she died in May 2019, aged 15.

Accutane victims need a voice. Roche’s victims are children. Sometimes lobotomized and sexual damaged for the rest of their lives! Is there no Accutane victim who wants to take over and fight the fight?

The attacks against victims is a malignous genetic feature of the manhood. And often the weak attack the weak. Evolution is the survival of the fittest, not survival of ethics. We can be happy that the wish for an afterlife gave us religious thoughts.

The Roche family! Did the Roche father feed them with his roaccutane?? They put Roaccutane from the market for comercial reasons?! Why they didn’t tell the truth about all the victims and the lawsuits and the dangerous drug is stiil sold as generic in 2023, 14 years later?!

I myself attack super insane fake recovery with a fake survivor, posing with sexy girls, big cars, 7 times sex in a row after shijat salt, recovery in Nov 18 after herbal cycle in the member story and crash in Nov 18 an two years hard work with herbal circle in a new recovery story with the typical, I had sex 3 times today already and I feel better and look better than pre pfs etc.

Because they make a joke with us and our stolen lives and they enjoy our suffering and our devote comments our seeking for help, for what? For money, getting self conscious, being once the great survivor?!

For that I have a dozen hater out of the own community. One really stalking me in a way that threads have to be closed by the mods.

The post drug syndrome communities has to fight the prepetators and not to hide, inject and stalk the own community. And the external tressless and Accutane intruders stalking people, you can check by their user profil and block them.