What to take to avoid hair loss?

Hey guys. Could you please recommend me some SAFE products, supplements/herbs for stopping hair loss or even growing new hair?
I have a deeper M line on the front and some receding parts at the top of my scalp.
As someone who went through hell due to PSSD, I wouldn’t rely on dangerous drugs.

Thanks in advance. Best regards.

This might sound daunting, but just get a hair system if you are really concerned.

You won’t find any supplements, herbs or medications that can effectively slow hair loss that aren’t anti-androgenic.


IMO every hair restoration looks worse than going bald. Cut it short, take up mountain biking, and age gracefully.


Biotin is the only non-anti-androgenic substance I am aware of that helps with hair loss, but appears to be effective only if you are biotin deficient for some reason.

This forum has plenty of members who were burnt using purportedly safe herbal and topical alternatives to finasteride and dutasteride.

Please don’t mess around after you’ve already improved so much.

Minoxidil and rosemary oil are both 5AR / antiandrogenic so neither is safe lol.

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only thing thats worked for me is hair massage protocol

i dont take any hairloss drugs

i regrew and maintain my hair nicely