What to do in the event of a Headache?


When people get a headache with PFS, sometimes it’s a headache and sometimes it’s a PFS headache, I assume. I assume the latter isn’t caused by the usual things and so won’t be dealt with by normal medicines. I’m not here to talk about that.

If it’s a normal headache, what kind of pain relief can we use? Is paracetamol ok? I had read that ibuprofen is a bad idea for us.


I wouldn’t take Ibuprofen as I read it not good for sperm for people in general. I try and reduce the amount of meds that I take, but sometimes I’ve had to take paracetamol, and not had any problems with it. You can get those strips to put on your forehead too, like they are just cold with no medication, but seem to help.


Has anyone tried increasing the blood flow to their brain in order to ease headaches? Ive had bad headaches this week and tried raising my legs up right which seems to ease the problem after 30 mins. I took a ginkgo capsule and headaches and PFS mental symptoms cleared up for about 3 hours almost like flicking a switch. There is a warning about Ginkgo posted by AWOR so worth reading if you’re thinking about taking this supplement.


That guy might be on to something :wink:

Thanks for sharing your experience @ac3c. I posted something here too.


I been getting migraine type headaches now and for a long time with pfs…Had several this week…Wake up with them…Old fashioned goody powder helps some…


I came across this article last night. I’ve tried a few things on the list such as cold showers, meditation with/without music and Ginkgo which was the most effective. Meditation with music seemed to help more in providing calm.

vinpocetine has been mentioned a few times on here.

There’s a bunch of drugs designed to improve blood flow for stroke and heart attack patients, not sure if anyone has researched these?


Which drugs aside from this list?


A quick look and I came across serelaxin for the brain. Maybe a neurologist could help here if anyone on the forum has an appointment. We really need someone who understands if the mechanisms of these drugs will interfere with PFS.


This has already been posted on here but some of the supplements could be useful as a longer term approach to headaches.



Nobody knows the mechanisms of pfs, especially not someone’s neurologist


This is a great find. My neurological symtoms are hell, and I’ve actually been taking most of the suggested supplements for a long time. It’s a constant battle between “these things are amazing for the brain” and “these things are also 5ARIs” at this point I’m more concerned with fixing my brain then taking a 5ARi. The 5ARIs, FOR ME, don’t make me feel worse.


The neurologist maybe a good person to make recommendations on drugs that improves blood flow to the brain. I’d look for someone who had their own practice away from the NHS, they may be a bit more open minded and more widely read on the subject. I’d think those who work with the forum and foundation may have a better idea as to its safety towards PFS.

Which are the 5ARs from the list? Fish Oil doesn’t work for me but it did work well prior to PFS.


Yeah my neurologist didn’t have any ideas on blood flow - she did try a whole bunch of headache meds tho. Most of them made me feel weird after the first dose so I just stopped. Other things that are good for blood flow - inversion table, exercise, arginine, compression gear, pine bark extract. I’ve noticed my overall circulation sucks now too. My arms and legs fall asleep so fast. If I’m holding my phone in bed boom arm is asleep. Musscle twitches are also no bueno, which I have.


I’ve found cold showers useful in clearing my head but it took about a week to notice an improvement. I drop the temp down slowly over a 1-2 mins working into cold for about 4 mins then slowly back to warm. Apparently if this isn’t done correctly the body releases adrenaline which can cause anxiety/chest discomfort.