What tests i can do for developmental concerns? (Pls read the topic.)

Guys, my fathers relative OWNS a special hospital and i can go there and ask anything i want.

Some of you may know i have concerns whether PAS damaged my development or not, i want to rule out this issue with science if i can.

Is there any tests for Bone development? I heard about Bone Age Scan and Mineral density scans.

Anyone did this? Anyone here knows more about it?
What tests i can do to see if PAS damaged my bone growth during puberty or not?

Please recommend me some tests to do and things to ask for. We literally own the whole hospital and i can do whatever i want there!!

Maybe i can even ask for some epigenetic tests!!! And maybe i can find something for all of us there! To catch a clue about PAS/PFS.

Again, i can ask anything in this hospital! I can do very special tests! But i don’t know what to do!

I can ask for important PAS tests normally we don’t have acsess to. This is very important!

Bombard me with messages and thoughts please.

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