What symptoms do/did you have?and what actions make you better?

To find our own recovery,we have to search for symptoms similar to others.
so, in this thread there will be symptoms you have/had and efforts or effects you tried.
(including bad outcomes)

Can you fill out a member story please.

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can you fill my question in another thread please.

No time.

There is no legit way to recover. You can get better, you can get worse, especially if you listen to the others and risk it by experimenting taking stuff you don’t know how they will affect your body. I saw your other thread, you are talking about Cdnuts… Listen, there are people that claim recovery following his way, there are people that got worsen following his way. Me personally, I was not that bad case from the beginning, started to experiment inspired of all these recovery stories and now I have fucked joints, probably I got Osteoarthritis. And the life is miserable now, believe me!

where is the persons who got worse by cdnut?
and what should I do?
if you say time is only way,I will kill myself…hahaha…
(it’s not just joke)
by the way one of your experiments would make you better,right?
and why do you have"Osteoarthritis"?

Do you want us to lie to you to make you feel better or do you want to hear the truth?

There is currently research underway to understand the condition. Significant research is due to be published shortly (likely this month). Once we actually understand what the condition is we have a means of working towards a treatment that actually works.

I saw in the forum when I researched about Cdnuts and I remember there was a guy who said that he tried it and got worse, I did not believe at this time as I was more prone to believe to the recovery stories that that guy. Don’t get me wrong bro! There is a chance, of course, for you to recover! Just I want to warn you to be careful, as if there are people that got worse, they got worse for a reason. My case was I tried to combat my sides, at this time I had severe pain in my muscles, and I took bunch of herbs, half of them from Cdnuts stuff and Vitamins too, then after few months my joints started to click from the smallest movement, and the last 6 months they even got worse and they are dry and scraping and hurt. I am like an old guy now, despite that I am 36 years old… I suspect that Vit K2 fucked me over, but could be combination of all there herbs and shit I took. Just be positive, take your sunshine, don’t dring alcohol, eat healthy food, don’t stress and overmasturbate, and you should get better and better. God bless you!

With great respect @Mr.Children, though you are of course welcome here, I don’t understand why you are posting here. You seem to have found other sites where people claim to have recovered through use of Cdnuts’ scheme and seem very committed to that idea. Why don’t you ask them about it instead of here?

When you are given honest answers here, you say that this is a negative place but then immediately solicit more opinions from those you have decided are too negative to recover.

It doesn’t really add up.

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truly, I don’t expect results of study.
if we depend on them,we will not recover until our death.

if I do not recover,I will be most of them here.hahaha.
I still believe in cdnut protocol.
your advice is very thankful.
I’ll be more careful.
but,now, what do you do for recovery?
do you continue to do cdnuts?

I want to know what is effective to me.
luckily,I got information of" baking soda".
besides I don’t want to combat. I only want to know more information.and want to find other japanese.
but some of them are telling me" cdnut is a fraud!!" I never want to know that…
in my opinion,cdnut has reasonable plans. I’ve not found other ways…

Probably it is better for you to know what could harm you so you can avoid it…
I can tell you about some stuff I know that could possibly worsen you:
Vit K2
Methyl Vit B12, probably all Methyl B vitamins
Licorice root
Saw Palmetto
High dose ov Vit D3 ( There is a user here who got severe joint issues after taking one dose of 50 000UI Vit D3)
There are other stuff out there, just I don’t know about them. Check in the website, ask the other people here…
Do not experiment with Meds, as you can see you can get fucked from silly stuff like Vitamins…
Do your research before you take anything. This would be my advice.

I am not doing Cdnuts, just getting in the mornings 1Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar with 500ml of water and Vit D3 as my blood test showed that I got deficiency…

Same question though, if your opinion is that you’ve found the right treatment and want to research it and you know where people have been successful with it, why aren’t you asking them?

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I’llbe careful to overdose.
totally are you better than crashed?

The other sides I have I am better, but my joints got worse.

it seems to me you think I don’t ask protocol members.
I don’t communicate with only you.

what did you do for recovery to other problems?

I would say time. I am not sure about the other stuff. I could have been better now if I didn’t take that shit Vitamin K2 and all other stuff. When I crashed the first time I was drinking only Apple Cider Vinegar with water in the mornings and in 3.5 months I got temporary recovery for 2.5 months. At this time I was drinking only the vinegar, eating healthy training. Nothing else! Then my GF put me in stress, started smoking cigarrets, crashed, all my sides came back, then I took all these herbs and vitamins and 2 months after noticed when I am waking up my joints were clicking and hurt. Never had this before, never in my life. So yeah, my fault only… Should have stayed away from all that shit, now my life is fucked…

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