What should I test for in a blood test?


When getting a blood test, what should I ask the doctor to test for?

Is there even any use in actually getting a blood test, especially when doctors don’t even know what’s going on and could harm us more than help us?


Every case is situational everyone will tell you different. What I have been focusing on has been and have found most relevant to me is thyroid panel and thyroid antibodies, leaky gut, kidneys and liver function, parasites, sibo, candida. These from what I know now are signs of gut dysbiosis which finasteride antagonized allegedly. I recently had a live blood analysis which isnt the most popular but helped me to see the health of my red blood/ white cells , proteins in blood parasites , bacteria etc. Good luck dude.


As a chronic sufferer of insomnia and fatigue, my TSH is like 4.28 but the lab test here considers 5.0 the cutoff point for treatment. How do you test for leaky gut, SIBO, or candida?


A healthy person’s tsh should be closer to .5 that is optimal and where you want it to be. Treating that alone will make you feel better, find a doctor who agrees. Sibo is a breath test, leaky gut is a blood test or a urine test, candida comprehensive stool test. Treating your thyroid may help the others by regulating transit time. I’m not an expert so you ll have to excersice due diligence. I ve tried taking thyroid meds in the past ( synthroid and ndt) and stopped after a week on both times. The sides were horrendous but it has come to my attention that just like most prescriptions there is a loading period or a hump that you need to get over. I will try again when the time is right if I can’t get better using other natural methods. I’ve been sick for a long time and I’m tired of waiting so prescriptions meds will be my last option under the care of a general practioner.


Considering how I can stay asleep for only like 3 to 2 hours, I already am afraid of messing with thyroid medication atm. I’ve read ashwagandha can help lower TSH while alcar is anti thyroid and can cause hypo. I think I’d have to find a naturopath to even consider testing for leaky gut. I’ve heard taking s. Boulardii might help with candida, but I’ve read worrying accounts of people experiencing persistent memory loss from it. The recommended supplements to take for candida also tend to be antiandrogenic.


Try to get as many things as possible. Check out other threads for more info.


Free testosterone
Free androgen index
Free T4
Free T3
Vitamin D

Anything else?


24 hour cortisol


Any lab after Finasteride that wasn’t take previous Finasteride is a waste of money and useless.
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