What shampoo do you guys use?

I’m afraid of using any shampoo on my hair now so I’ve been just washing my hair with water. But my scalp right now is super dry and has tons of dandruff. I’m also losing a lot of hair.

What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you guys use? I’ve looked into natural shampoos and a lot of them still have oils and ingredients that are DHT blockers.

Would be great if anyone shared the product they use. Thanks.

I normally use a shower gel, I think we’re in different countries so the brand probably isn’t important.

I recently used something containing tea tree oil which I think I have had a bad reaction to, so I’d suggest scanning the ingredients list for that. As a general rule, search any ingredient you’re not sure of here to see if anyone’s noted anything, then maybe search further afield. If you’re still not sure, don’t use it.

Someone recommended Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to me (branded No More Tears here) - but check the ingredients and make your own decision.

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kirks bar soap, it is made the same way since like the 1800s, i just lather it up in my hands and then wash my hair with it, it works pretty well and no weird chemicals or anything

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I use T gel/coal tar, but do your research on it first m.

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Plain old head and shoulders. I’m not sure if it’s better for you than other stuff, I also try to use lower amounts and spend a good amount of time washing it off.


I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and don’t notice any impact on my symptoms from its use.

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Do you notice any worsening from using shampoo?

I don’t understand any of that research but now I’m scared. @borax any thoughts on the study in the above link?

I have seb. dermatitis and i use shampoos with Piroctone Olamine and sometimes with Salycilic acid. I searched a tons for PO and it is not DHT blocker as i could find, not sure about salycilic acid. Buy smth like Sebamed shampoo for dandruff. Someone correct me if i’m wrong about PO, but i thinks its only active ingredient that is not DHT blocker since Zync, Coal Tar, keto are DHT blockers for sure.

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Yea i literally don’t use anything else. I always had dandruff but this one helps me with itching. I checked whole internet and haven’t found anything about PO effecting endocrine system. Also i don’t get more hair washing with it, like some study showed.

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I have seb derm too, I use H&S clinical strength, which contains 1% selenium sulfide. Works well for me.

i got TE from selenium (selsun blue) lost tons of hair, its to harash for me, but it’s not DHT blocker tho.

Whats TE?

I’ve been using vanicream free and clear sensitive shampoo and conditioner for a bit and like it so far.

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Download the ThinkDirty App. This one app alone broke a multiple-month cycle of non-stop stress and constant worrying about the hygiene products I was using.
Despite whatever views you may or may not have on CDnuts and his protocol, the HealthRanger store has some of the cleanest hygiene products you’ll find on the market.

Besides that brand, Jusu Body is going to be probably the pinnacle of organic, raw materials used for the hygiene products. it is super expensive though. If you were to try anything from Jusu Body, I would recommend the deoderant, Smoky Cedar specifically. Super addictive and primal smell. Smells like some shit you’d literally come across in the woods lol.

My hair is super dry and coarse, so I only shampoo once every week or so. The healthranger shampoo has lasted me months this way. (6 months and counting). For conditioner, I use BotanicHearth Keratin conditioner. about $18 for a huge bottle that will last quite a while.

This is something I’ve put alot of my own research into, as the healthiest products are so expensive that they aren’t sustainable. You want to find the balance of what you can set into your “program” and continue to use. The ThinkDirty app is critical for this.



Telogen Effilovium. Basically 6 months of most insane diffuse sheddig you can experience. My hair recovered but not 100%

An update to this: Johnson’s have changed the ingredients of their baby shampoo and I haven’t used it since so can no longer say whether it’s safe (relatively). Listed in the new ingredients is “Coconut acid”. Coconut is a 5ari but I have no idea if “Coconut acid” is. It’d probably be OK to use but probably isn’t good enough for me anymore.

With TE, did you get an itchy scalp? Did you also get recession?