What is your story with SSRI and snri?

I have a horrible sleep schedule. I’ve always been a night owl, but I’m going to bed 4 hours later and waking up in the afternoon.

I’m slowly putting my life together, but I can’t actually use my education and get a good job until I can have a regular schedule.

About a year ago I took Kanna, a sri natural herbal, for a month and it helped me sleep. I didn’t have a sex drive, but it came back to me once off of kanna. I also don’t particularly care if I have a sex drive.

I’ve never had any crashes, bad reaction to minoxidil, zinc, etc. I just slowly woke up with static pfs for the most part.

So has anyone had a positive experience on SSRI or snris? If you’ve had a bad experience was it permanent? Did you recover? Is there a way to minimize risk?

I can’t stress this enough: Do not take SSRIs or SNRIs.

This forum is littered with both PFS patients who made things worse by taking them, or PSSD patients who experience a similar syndrome to PFS from taking SSRIs/SNRIs alone.

SSRIs and SNRIs have noted anti-androgenic effects - you are really playing with fire if you go down this path.

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How is the work going Mitch? Also how do you feel now any improvements in pfs?