What is the consensus about soy on a normal diet

I have no idea if it’s so bad that I actually have to avoid eating it, or that it’s not that worse as people may implicate.

What are your opinions and @mods, what do you think with what you’ve seen over time?

Asking because the dinner I’m currently making includes soy which I didn’t see before buying it. It’s not the biggest part of it, but not the smallest either. It’s a chinese recipe.

I also read that oats where of the same phytoestrogenic qualility, have been eating oats and powdered oats, but haven’t noticed any changes so far. What are your thoughts on it? Haven’t restricted myself considering diet, unless I know it caused 5ARI. Which none of the foods I ate had of sufficient effectiveness. Although soy is something I avoided from the start.

Is it that oats have less phytoestrogens in it? Or does soy have a specific and different anti-androgenic quality?

Very curious. Decided not to eat the meal and freeze it up for tomorrow maybe.

Some people have had problems with soy. One of the team crashed after eating tofu.

Personally, I avoid it.

I do eat oats, however.

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That would be me who crashed from eating tofu. I ate almost 500g in 15 minutes though so quite a large amount.

For 7 years before that I had never had any issues with soy, however.


Wow, that’s crazy. Did you fully recover?

Oats had been a staple for me back when I could swallow it. No problem here. I was the cacao nibs guy. Gave me unholy insomnia for a year. Not sure if it might’ve made my muscular symptoms permanently worse though. I am now the NAD+ guy as well.

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Yeah I’m back to baseline, took about 3-4 weeks.

I haven’t had any issues with it. However, like @Greek, I mostly avoid it… except for when the craving for Korean soft tofu soup sets in :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t mind temporarily crashing for a week for a good bowl of zhajiangmian


Decided to just eat it, because of the probably small content of soy. It’s the 8th or 10th ingredient on the list, which makes it less then all 7 before it. It’s just the spices as well, which is only about 40-50 gram total. Figured to risk it. Will update in a few days how it affected me.

Bit tired right now. Some brain fog maybe, might be placebo. Will update in a few days.