What is a crash?

Hi everyone, I’m very curious as to why some people experience crashes and how common it is? What’s a ballpark % of people that experience this?

My issues: ptsd/anxiety, short term recall, less energy, mild acne, ed, sex drive.

I have never experienced a crash. I’ve have taken 5 different medications since pfs onset. I also take ginseng & zinc. Both ginseng and zinc help with sexual sides. Ginseng also memory. Zinc also acne.

I’ve never once considered a supplement could aggravate the situation. I feel like I experienced permanently damaging trauma, but it’s very much static. I try to forget pfs. I still feel “normal”. If I get rid of anxiety/ptsd I would be fully functioning. My confidence and ego are still 5% of what they were pre pfs.

I will sometimes check here for info on drugs. I just don’t understand the issues described by others? Is this something that the community has thought about? Why some people don’t have crashes?

Pfs happens some time after stopping taking the medication you were in; right after you stop it, everything seems to be returning to normal for a time, but nope, suddently one day side effects start to kick in full force and new ones appear, that’s the crash, after that you’ve got PFS. But there’s no real consensus on what the term actually means, that’s what it means to me, but it can vary. For some I think it just means an aggravation of symptoms.

I’ve had pfs several years now. I guess it’s more mild than most? I have a hard time calling what I went through mild. I had a very dark year after pfs. My world broke and the only consultation is that I wasn’t employed or married. I was in college which gave me time to just suffer without being homeless or divorced.

I feel like my mental recovery process has been letting go of anything pfs, but I’m still bound by it. I still have issues that don’t go away. I still can’t wrap my head around how I was happy for the first time in my life. It’s why I started focusing on “small” issues like hair. My life was perfect for about 6 months and pfs destroyed me. That 6 months I had confidence and no anxiety. It’s painfully ironic. I still give myself a hard time. I cope by “relaxing” which is actually just me avoiding any responsibility. I can’t keep this up because I will soon have a full time job.

All of my energy towards pfs is mental health. I manipulate DRs because I don’t trust them. I have two doctors I trust and they are far away from me now. I’ve wasted money on therapists. I’ve begun to think that western doctors are glorified drug dealers. It’s cookie cutter treatment. It’s a joke. There’s no actual knowledge. The only thing doctors know is a small set of written “facts” they’ve been brainwashed to know. Science shows us that some illegal substances make much better and cheaper medicine than crap made by big pharma.