What I'm doing for now

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you guys know what I’m doing for now.

As my main problems are libido loss erectile dysfuntion I try to focus on repairing that.

1: I’m not taking any supplements (they only made things worse the past year). Also waterfasting made me worse.
2: I tried fecel transplantation, I used the poop of my girlfriend and did it like an amateur, but I gotta say that the next 2 days I had a boner at night. Not rock hard but still more then I had in a couple of years.
Now I’m gonna try to do that more often (like once every 2 weeks) and maybe even use some poop of a friend.
3: What I did the past 3 months is using a penis pump, not one that uses air but a water one. Why? Well I think that if you don’t get an erection every now and then that the cells will die off. So I think pumping is good to keep the thing alive, I’m seeing it as a temporary solution to keep it alive until it can do it on its own.
4: Trying to eat healthy and trying to work out like 2-3 times a week, I know everyone says something like this but after reading theories about gut healing I just thought what the hell.

Number 1 started 1.5 month ago.
Number 2 started 1.5 week ago.
Number 3 started 2 months ago.
Number 4 started 1 week ago.

And up till now I see some improvement, it’s not like I’m back to normal but still there is some improvement. It makes my girlfriend happy and it motivates me to continue with what I’m doing.

So yeah I guess that’s it for now, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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How are you doing now?

Well I did some experiments, and I found out that it actually doesnt matter what I eat and it even doesnt matter if it’s healthy. What matters is excercise, if I eat super healthy for a couple weeks but I dont excercise I got a dead dick. But if I excercise then I feel better and my dick works better. So it seems that the only thing that can help me is excersise, probably has something to do with hormones… so… yeah… I’m going to see a sexuologist next week and talk this over with him.

Honestly, if any credible person from the medical community lands on this page and sees this post it’s goodbye forever talking about taking your girlfriends poop and transplanting it and saying you got a boner is the most bizzare thing I have ever heard and I don’t care what the science says to back it up. I’m lit picturing it in a Southpark episode where Cartman gets PFS and does something like this.

I can understand what you mean, but on the other hand fecal transplant actually happens a lot, and I don’t actually see something wrong with putting my experience and experiments I’ve tried up on here.

Douglasmitch tried a fecal transplant with no success I doubt it would do anything in our case.

I didn’t know that, but if there are more people that think that this post should be deleted then I’ll be glad to do it.