What has provided temporary ~100% return to normal for you?

When I have temporary recoveries, my stools harden more like old times, otherwise they’re soft and nasty. I had a 3 day mini symptom remission recently and I was going to announce that I was cured lol. My stools were harder and I rubbed one off a few times. Now I’m back to soft stools, ED, depression, low libido

I’m 100% sure the connection between gut and PFS.
I can’t figure out if gut is the cause or a consequence. Studies say DHT helps keep autoimmune diseases and infection under control.
For me it’s a combination of both.
It took me months to get rid of SIBO and I still have a lot of food sensitivities and inflammation.
When I follow a strict diet, eating only foods I know are safe for me, I feel undoubtedly better.
The deal is to maintain a perfect lifestyle long enough to give your body the opportunity to find the balance. Not easy tho.

I have had proper stool majority of the time lately, but I don’t correlate it to anything but a clearer mind.

If I have a sexual improvement, I’ll notice bigger testicles.

If I do HCG, my testicles will be bigger sometimes, but it doesn’t translate to sexual improvements.

I think the next testing I have will be one of those super comprehensive stool examinations. Parasites, amoeba, good/bad bacteria.
Does anyone know about a test like that?

This recommends to do testing before any probiotic “dumping.” Bifidobacterium is the best apparently.

I also recommend the low histamine diet, which helps me with uncomfortable feeling in my torso, that accompanied fast heart rate. It’s been gone for a few days now.

Viome Test Results

We could use a few comparisons.

They test a lot. No e. Histolytica?

I did the GI Map last year and it includes marker for E. histolytica also. I was negative, but I had high level of zonulin (marker of leaky gut) and a certain degree of dysbiosis.
I’m not sure how reliable these tests are.
Sometimes I’m tempted to take a round of metronidazole and see what happens, but I’m scared to mess my gut even more.

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I had recovery windows of ~80% from PSSD (fluoxetine) on 100mg/day proviron and the first 2 weeks of restarting clomiphene

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When you took the proviron, was the effect stable as long as you took it, are did it diminish over time?

No it was just a window. Lasted around a week. But cycling it provides benefits and increases my erection/libido quality


Interesting. Do you have the impression that with each cycle the baseline gets elevated by a bit?

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Did you experience penis size came back to normal 100% when erect? I lost my girth and hardness of my erections. Would you say it recovered fully? Is it really possible to get back your full, thick rockhard erections after years? Thanks.

Oh and, any other things you can mention, orgasm quality etc? ( @heymomlook also, i would like to ask same questions to you.)

Yes actually now that you mention it this is occuring. I’ve only done a few cycles of it though. I have upped then decreased dosage which also seems to help.

I forgot to mention I had my DHT levels tested. To my surprise my results were 0.57 ng/ml with a reference range of 0.20-1

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/862570 says that my DHT levels are that of a 80-89 year old man! And this was while taking 25mg Proviron…

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I had trouble with the head of my penis not fulling engorging in blood. That has since fixed itself it seems. When I have my windows yes I am getting fully erect with about the same hardness and size as pre-pssd.

Orgasm quality at best is 60% of pre-pssd id say



That adds up to my idea of cycling proviron.

Could you please explain in more detail what you mean whith you upped and then decreased the dosage?

Regarding the testing of dht levels: Are we sure that proviron would be detected in a blood sample as dht? I have no idea, but maybe might not be the case?

When I started I did 25mg for a few days, then 50mg for a week and after a few weeks i stopped noticing benefits so i increased it to 100mg for a week or so. Then i decreased the dosage to 50 for a month then to 25 for 2 months. Then stopped completely for 2 months. These are all rough times.

Yes proviron increases blood DHT levels this is a known fact.

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Thank you.

I like the idea of increasing gradually. I would theorise that it might be more beneficial to stopping it all at once instead of gradually tapering of. Maybe that way the “anti crash” might occur with a higher chance.