What has helped your testicular size and penis shrinkage?

What has helped, what has not helped?

For me: Zinc helped with ejaculation. Still not were used to be, but much better. Also asparagus has helped my testicular size get bigger, but not pre-fin. I randomly get a full recovery in penis shrinkage, but never lasts more than a day.

What helped you?

Please, no negativity in here.

Anti androgenic substances make some people’s symptoms better until they induce a crash. Sorry.

Zinc is one such substance.

Asparagus caused someone on the now gone Solvepfs to worsen.

Sorry, I know you don’t want to hear it but someone else might copy you and end up in a worse position as a result. People sometimes take huge amounts of a food or supplement after hearing someone say it helped them, which could be a problem here.

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I’ve restarted eating asparagus after accidentally eating some recently which gave me an upturn. Unfortunately Iast night sent me to hell as a consequence. Time to throw that one back in the bin. Tomatoes seems to be the only one out of this group of goods that don’t dedtroy me

I’m sorry to hear that mate.

I have steered clear of mushrooms, asparagus and nuts since this started but recently started eating nuts again in very small quantities and found it had no effect, I don’t know if they’d have been a problem a while back (I stopped when @awor told me he’d had a problem with them) but they seem fine now.

I think there might be something to be said for finding the diet that gives you no reaction at all and seeing how that goes for a while, though I know you will both have done that and be acutely aware of how it works.

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Cheers Greek too many foods effect me tbh, avoidance rules my day. Some to a lesser degree thankfully. I’d been off asparagus for at least a year then the the upturn from a single stem offered hope which like everythig turned out to be a trojan horse

and here comes the negative people…

Pretty sure anyone that reads this forum is well aware that just about ANYTHING will make some better and some worse.

If you read my posts, I just simply asked “what has helped you?” NOT “what has caused people to crash”. I have zero interest what caused things worse for you and others, just want to know what has HELPED.

That sucks man. I eat asparagus in moderation, 1 week off, 1 week on. Overall, about 35% increase in testicular size. Def no pre-fin though.

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Apologies @Fxckfin but if I avoid all alpha foods my testicle does not ache. As soon as I eat any, even in small amounts the pain starts within hours. So as simple as it sounds stay clear of these and you should be problem free or at least to a greater degree.

That is very odd…I am literally the opposite, if I eat beta foods my symptoms worsen. Everyone is different I guess

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It’s insane. Before Pfs got really bad I used to literally live on these foods and felt mostly great which was up to about 4 years ago. Unpredictable!

This attitude frankly isn’t helpful. You posted something that you said helps, and yet it could be harmful to people but you didn’t acknowledge that. If you had, I wouldn’t have posted. People frequently arrive here and ask the same questions which have been repeatedly asked. Not everyone knows everything you know. Making people aware of the risks isn’t negative, but potentially setting people up to hurt themselves is. I don’t enjoy making posts like this or the one earlier in the topic.

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@Greek Neither is telling people “don’t do this, don’t do that”

If I personally listened to that attitude I would not be where I am today in bettering my situation. Goes back to my original post. I am looking for information how to improve further.

What has helped.

Just replying “nu-uh” isn’t an argument.

Don’t do that.

Also, I didn’t say anyone should or shouldn’t do anything, making people aware of the risks is an appropriate thing to do.

Ya? Please tell me what else I should or shouldn’t do @Greek

Look, I don’t want to waste our time arguing. So if you have no information for What Has Helped You, then you are irrelevant in what I am looking for from posting this thread.