WHAT HAPPENS to PFS patients if they take fin again?

in JAPAN,there are some articles saying that" taking fin again and decreasing one little by little lead to recovery".
I don’t know this is true and what happens to his bodies.
are there similar articles or experiences you know?
this threat is not recommending. this is very dangerous way, I think.but I have hopes in this way.
recovery stories have often the impotence of increasing testosterone or DHT. decreasing fin causes increasing DHT.
fasting makes bodies clear.
taking fin again makes the same…?
I have no ideas any more.please give me something.

If you look at the dose-response curve of Finasteride, it is almost impossible to control precise levels of 5ar inhibition. It’s very ‘all or nothing’.

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then few differences between 5mg fin and0.1mg fin?
gradually decreasing is no meaning???

That is correct.

People who have had a problem with and then take 5ar inhibitors again (such as Finasteride) often dramatically worsen their symptoms. It is not advised.


but the fact that these japanese recovered is perhaps true…

What articles have written this? Are they forum posts by people, or articles written and published on actual sites?

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I understand your desperation but this would be like putting a gun to your head others have tried it and failed with catastrophic consequences. I took fin on and off for years and it only worsened my symptoms. I often dropped the dosage too before stopping temporarily.


these are just experiences(written in a blog)
so, they’re not based on medical source.
and they’re all written in japanese.

this is so risky.
but I am told even" supplements are dangerous!!"…hahaha

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Could you post a link to this blog? Mods sorry if the site turns out to break rules ofc if so.

Personally though I’ve not heard of resuming fin actually curing anyone at any dose. Some temporarily got better or a bit better, but SO MANY got ABSOLUTELY fisted by it after any second tries. Axo’s experiences should definitely be warning enough.

I’m also nuts enough to try anything, but not fin.

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I’msorry I forgot to reply to you.
they’reall written in japanese,ok?
I want to translate into English,but I regret to have enough time to do.
if you want it then, I will find.

(mistake: I have no time)