What gave back your libido (even temporary?

When I go through the comments I sometimes see people trying something and their libido came back for like a day or two and dissapeared again.

I want to sum up what has helped you guys to return libido?
Just stick to the sexual libido part please, I don’t care about erection quality or nutsack or mental problems.

So what did you take that made you horny like a teenager (even for a bit)?

5ar Reluctuse related supps and foods

My libido came back on its own, so I would say time is what helped the most in that regard… Time and Megan Fox :laughing:!

Hi, congratulations, how long have you been suffered from no libido? any other sides like ED? did they all recovered?

The same for me, I am burning inside when I see girls like megan. I am really happy my libido came back, now I need the good old strong and long erection I had pre pfs.

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Trt + Wellbutrin XL + Arginine. Libido got dangerous again.


Maybe up to 6 months, and now libido is even too high, same like before pfs… ED unfortunately didn’t improve much

Hi, what is your trt protocol? I have noticed that you have tried trt multiple times long time ago, so only this time the trt is effective?

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I’m not on TRT or Wellbutrin right now for fertility reasons. But there was definitely a synergistic effect when I combined the Trt with Wellbutrin (and arginine). I wouldn’t say it made the testosterone 100% effective, but it did relieve my fatigue and brain fog, and improved my libido better than anything else up to that point.

Acetyl l carnitine, only supplement that helps me and not harms me! It gives me libido and orgasm quallity

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Doing Nofap for a month and then relapsing gave me mine back for a couple weeks

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