What gave back your libido (even temporary?

When I go through the comments I sometimes see people trying something and their libido came back for like a day or two and dissapeared again.

I want to sum up what has helped you guys to return libido?
Just stick to the sexual libido part please, I don’t care about erection quality or nutsack or mental problems.

So what did you take that made you horny like a teenager (even for a bit)?

5ar Reluctuse related supps and foods

I definitely have had a few instances where my sexual libido came crawling back for one or two days. It also alleviated ED but the most striking thing to me was that I had a better pleasureable erotic sensation. Not too long ago I experienced it again.

I can’t say for sure, but I suspect it’s related to one (or multiple) of the following:

  • After I had a good time with family or friends
  • After I had a genuine sense of accomplishment when I succeed at certain things
  • After I get into a verbal discussion or a fight (like when I had a political discussion with my pro-Trump dad) and this somehow triggers what I expect to be an increase in dopamine or adrenaline
  • When I don’t consume any caffeine and do a few days of nofap
  • When I have eaten something I usually don’t eat, or somehow change up my eating pattern, I can’t seem to find any relation in the specific things I ate when this libido increase happened, but it’s like my body is able to find it’s old self state again when I change my consumption.

That said, it could also be none of the above and just be some internal changes in my body that I guess just happen from time to time.

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