What exactly is TRT?

So I’m a little confused is testosterone replacement Therapy the same as taking clomid testosterone drops or Anastrozole with clomiphene. Or is it some type of Androgel?

Hi! A bit summarized, TRT is when u use testosterone in injections (every week normally) or gel (daily) for up your level (if u start TRT is because your level of total testosterone or your free testosterone was down). For normally TRT is for all life. And sometime u need to use aromatase inhibitor for control your estradiol and doing blood test for stay controled ( dosage, PSA, and more)

Is not the same take clomifeno or something like that.
I hope help u. Sorry for my english man

TRT is medical treatment that exists for men whose T levels are below range because their gonads are not producing enough testosterone. When you take TRT your body stops releasing LH and FSH, which are signaling hormones needed for the production of several different hormones as well as for sperm.

When you take exogenous T, your body shuts down its own production of T as well as several other hormones. If you do not take enough exogenous T, then you can actually lower your overall T levels. Therefore, you have to take a large amount of it. Even if you take a large amount, your pregnenolone, DHEA, and several other hormone levels will still be reduced. There are ways of offsetting that for limited periods of time such as taking synthetic LH (ie HCG), but doing so puts you at risk of desensitizing your Leydig cells. A few years ago TRT specialists commonly prescribed HCG together with TRT for this but that seems to have fallen out of favor. When you do TRT you risk never being able to come off of it again for the rest of your life and/or having children.

TRT is a medical treatment that comes with high costs financial, time wise, and health wise. However, for men whose gonads no longer produce enough T it might be their only option for decent quality of life.

Thanks for the answers just curious. My testosterone started at 749 when I was 21 years old and has been on a decline. I was at 309 just a couple years ago, Dr Goldstein got my t back to the 700, my vitamin D levels are low as well but got those up as well. I will see I’m not taking the meds anymore so not sure if my t will drop again I’ll have to get another test.

700 is great. That’s just natural?

There are sufferers who have noticed improvements through TRT despite their T levels being within range.