What exactly is in tribulus?

Ok so tribulus is a plant. But what chemical or substance has been shown to be IN this plant?


What does protodioscin actually do for the plant, and what does it supposedly do in a human body? Thanks.

Protodioscion is supposed to increase androgen receptors in the brain, I’ve done many cycles and I’ve had some good results with tribulus 4 times now but the effect wears off and isn’t consistent.

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How do you define “good results”?

I get around 40% libido and stronger erections almost 90% back to normal but again I do cycles sometimes and it does nothing.

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What bros???

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Guys, if somehow I am able to procure this plant. What part should I consume? Please @ people who you think might know too.

Have you gotten your hormones tested before and after taking tribulus? That would be the best way to see if something has changed in your body.