What do you usually take when you have pain?


In case you have pain (not necessarily related to PFS, but in general), what do you usually take? Ibuprofen, paracetamol…?

Have you had any bad reaction to any painkiller?


I believe that ibuprofen is to be avoided.

I have used paracetamol without issue.

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An Italian suffers got a really bad reaction from paracetamol as consequences he now suffer often from very bad dry eyes

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Why? I told an urologist, who does not have experience with PFS, that I have pain in my cavernous body and originating from the prostate. She told me to take ibuprofen because it’s also anti-inflammatory (idk if that’s a word but you get what I mean)


It has an effect on hormone levels, I believe.

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I often used Ketoprofen (a FANS) and I never had issues…