What do you think is the hardest symptom to deal with in daily life?

For me it’s a tough one .
Most of the time when fighting this I have always thought the hardest thing was the severe insomnia as it just undoes any healthy eating ,diet and exercise thing you try and follow , makes you feel like absolute shit and for me the insomnia alone was bad enough where I had to leave my job in Los Angeles and move back to UK .
Then in the weeks when that seems to be a bit better and I can get 5 - 6 hours a night in switches to some of the neurological symptoms being worse like the Anhedonia , the weird “lack of love” feeling (dunno if I explained that right but hopefully you understand what I mean ) this one is very weird too but I don’t feel “cool” or like “I’m the man” anymore , I have completely lost that feeling or esteem or confidence whatever it may be .
Now that I’m sleeping a little better these feelings are the worst PFS symptoms , perhaps if I were to get a girlfriend then the low libido and ED might suddenly become the worst symptom where now it is quite comfortably the least of my symptoms and of my concerns !!
Funny isn’t it , but I wanted to know what everyone else thought and what your hardest symptom to deal with is and likewise what is your easiest?

I guess my easiest would be tinnitus - it’s annoying and constantly reminds me I have PFS but apart from that it doesn’t affect my quality of life too much .
Please reply as I would like to hear what people have to say !


I’d say the crazy physical changes. Going from dense, strong, vascular, and lean to completely soft, pale, and rubbery all over. Total loss of vascularity, muscles are mush, and fat accumulation. If you haven’t experienced the crazy physical aspects of PFS, it is tough to understand.


The physical changes to my member and the currently 90% loss in function of it…


That must be tough …I am putting on muscle and getting in the best shape so I guess I’m lucky . I can imagine seeing physical changes like you describe here must be horrific , im lucky to not have that so far over the 9 months since I quit

Yeah that’s nasty . :slightly_frowning_face: how long since you quit?

Back pain.
It’s been improving until the past few days.
I suspect it’s inflammation caused by ingesting gluten, since that’s the only thing I’ve changed recently. I’m back on gluten-free diet + I bought a back support.

For me, it was what it did to my face, the collagen loss. Several times I was asked “what’s wrong” or “you look tired”. I even had a teacher insinuate to me that it looked like I was doing drugs. It seems unlikely but if you’ve seen my before and after it starts to make sense.

That and the brain fog, and as a pianist, lack of euphoric response to music.


For me it is the loss of libido and extreme ED. Which compared to some of you guys is not that bad but still if you got this shit for 4-5 years and are 25 years of age, it sucks.
Especially if you got a girlfriend, now she is very understanding, but I’m afraid she won’t be forever… we are still young so yeah… I just hope we get out of this fking mess one day.


Is it muscular pain or like a lower back pain type thing ? That sucks for you man

That’s mad to hear mate, I’m sorry. I get the other way round most of the time “you look really well so there can’t be anything to wrong with you” which sucks as no one takes you seriously . They don’t see it when you have slept 2 hours for 3 nights in a row , you don’t feel anything for anyone , anxiety is through the roof and there is a constant whoosh in your ears . I hear what you are saying about the piano , I’m blessed I can still feel things for singing and songwriting , I’d be dead without that stuff. Some days it’s not there though :frowning:

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Just gotta keep going mate and hopefully there’s a miracle out there for you . You have tried cialis and all that yeah ??

It feels like muscular pain, as the pain is focused around the middle of my back and around the shoulder-blade area. Don’t think I have lower-back pain.
Hopefully my back support will alleviate the pain for a few months, and hopefully it heals over time.

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What is the hardest symptom to deal with?

Knowing that every single day, my mind will tell me I’d be better off dead. That the battle isn’t worth it.

Not having an erection for over a year now just doesn’t seem important anymore.

This dread not helped by the s*!t going on in this country.

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I think about that too mate , in fact I have been thinking about it this evening.
I don’t think I have ever felt as bad as I have today in a long time , that’s kinda why I posted this .

Where do you think we go after this life or what do you think is out there ?


That kinda pain sucks mate and makes life even more miserable . I hope you can get something sorted . They say gabapentin can be good for that kind of pain…

For me it’s having a brain that works at a reduced speed. Lack of emotions, verbal memory loss, loss of connection with my peers.

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Interesting that we have sides in different places. My problem is, I sleep too much and I’m always fatigued! I think a difference is that you used oral Finasteride, and I used a topical anti androgen. So it would make sense that my sides have more to do with skin, where I applied, and yours with deep rooted neurological functions like sleep.

Thankfully I have made some slight improvements on everything lately but I’ll wait to see if they last before making a full post on it.

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Hands down it’s the anhedonia for me. I literally never have those natural highs from life anymore. Feels like my life is on mute. It makes me think about suicide daily and it’s also led me to using opiates quite a few times because of the desire to feel anything.

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Pudendal… It’s to hard stay sit.