What connects us?

Whether we like to admit it or not, finasteride seems to be tolerated fairly well in a lot of men all over the world. Granted i believe the percentage of side effects is greater than whats officially stated but i assume its still fairly low. Especially persistant sides.

Thousands of guys take this poison daily for many years, with little to no sides. Thousands of men also stop taking the drug for whatever reason and feel back to their old selves within weeks.

So what are peoples theories on what connects us unfortunate few ?
Why did we not recover within them early stages of ceassing the drug ?
Why do things get progressively worse for some?

I dont believe in lucky or unlucky, Somewhere there is a link.
The pieces of the puzzle are all there, Lets hope the medical community wakes up eventually and fits them together


That’s one of the key questions that the staff hopes to investigate with scientists. There must be something on a genetic and/or epigenetic level that predisposes us to this condition.


The short answer to you question is “I have no idea”.

But, as far as sides goes, I don’t think the percentage is that low.

First of all, people lie. Honest to God I’ve never seen such a toxic envorinment as hairloss forums and communities in general. Like, if you browse forum of people who have cancer, they don’t seem to be freaking out one tenth of those who are losing their hair. So, it’s fairly easy for me to imagine how one could lie to his doctor about experiencing sides, expecially if we are talking about very mild ones.

Second on the list, people don’t realize they are experiencing sides.

If the change occurs slowly, you don’t realize what you’ve lost. I didn’t realize how different orgasm and sensations in general used to feel until I’ve recovered them (I’d later lost them again due to stress). If you don’t get hit with extreme sides you could not realize you’re dealing with PFS.

So you get depressed and you’ll find a reason in your work, relationship or God knows what. Your libido drops and you think you are just tired. Your stamina lowers and you think it’s just you ageing.

I’m afraid we’ll never get to know how many people really experience PFS, PSSD and stuff. There is a long list of stories posted by people who struggled with their health years and years before making the connection with Fin.


It took me 15 years

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Yeah I was thinking about your story also. I think one of our admins has a similar story.

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I agree

Cases like Ry’s throw up even more questions to be answered.

Especially when doctors knock us back. Only the forum tied it up for me. I’m aware of four others outside of the forum who did not know what had caused their problems and another was denied by his GP so he also actually thought it was in his head. The numbers could be huge

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I think that the percentage of people who can make the connection among those who didn’t develop sexual sides, is very low. Especially if, again, we are talking about sides which don’t hit all at the sudden but develop over time.

I wonder what the differences between different types of sufferers are, too. Some have crazy hormone levels, others are perfectly normal, many are hit with sides gradually, and myself, I woke up impotent 4 hours after my first 1mg pill.

I’m still convinced that at least some of us have some sort of underlying autoimmune reaction triggered by Finasteride. A lot of AI diseases flactuate and come in waves.

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@TFD I’m with u

I think it’s something in our genome. My brother also took accutane and he’s almoist completely fine apart from some stomach problems and fatigue. I took it when I was 14 and he took it when he was 18. I got hit hard with all sorts of sides, he came out practically untouched.

Fairly certain one thing that connect us is high sensitivity. I used to think it was high base androgen levels. Over the years… well over 10 now. I have seen all types of men with PFS but one thing I think a lot of us have in common is a relatively high degree of sensitivity. I see a lot of well spoken, articulate men with PFS. I don’t see a lot of people I would consider fools. Apart from some rather wild ideas I notice tossed around here but that can be attributed to desperation. But sensitive types tend to be able to protray their thoughts and insights in more refined ways.

I would say high sensitivity makes one vulnerable to it. I would also say that perhaps this combined with higher androgen levels determines the extent to which one gets hit by it. The more androgenic you are to begin with, combined with high sensitivity the harder your going to get slammed.

Pure speculation however.