What can I do about my teeth and joints

I’ve had PFS for almost a year,I find that my teeth are becoming more sensitive, my lumbar spine is sore and the muscles around my knees are sore and uncomfortable.
what can I do?I am 23 and I feel so desperate


Do you have any suggestions, my friend

Resistance training is proven to be good for bone strength, maybe ask your dentist if there are any supplements to take for decaying teeth. Or search online. I would think bone and teeth have some similar building blocks, but not sure. Would say calcium but that’s just a guess.

I’ve tried everything I can think of @swq5803000 but I haven’t been able to turn anything off. Earlier in the disease things that you would normally try did help. Now it’s a case of listening to my body and avoiding the numerous triggers which are all food related. No matter how hard force yourself to do exercise and just know that with time the severity of all of this settles for the majority