What can help severe insomnia?


I only get a few hours of light sleep every night for months now. Im exhausted. Im to scared to take medicines but if its stays like this I got no choice. When I do get some sleep I got more fatigue the next day.

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Whatever you do try for sleep, cycle it. If you take anything every night… it will eventually stop working as well. I have tried a lot of things and currently cycle a couple different items so that I can function in my life.


I used unisom a few times, it didn’t work but it might work for you and I don’t think it’s all that dangerous. Maybe you could look into other sleep drugs too, a lot of them are in the benzo family so they’re not dangerous compared to alpha blockers. Just stay away from trazodone.

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Has anyone recovered from insomnia caused by a second crash induced by taking a supplement?


I have to a great degree. I had a particularly bad week this week, but went from an average of 3.5 hours sleep for the last 5 months of last year after crashing from supplements, to an average of 5 hours sleep in the last couple months.


A couple things. Only you will be able to know which helps by learning how you feel in difference homeostasis states. At this point after 13 years and I can evaluate how I feel in any moment and tell you whether my cortisol, E2, adrenaline, etc levels are too high too low, etc.

Hydrocrotisone can help if your cortisol is too low which causes adrenaline to raise. Rhodiola or Ashwaghnda can help too. Getting some honey or complex carbs before bed can help. Melotonin can help. Phenibut once or twice a week before bed can help. Melotonin with low cortisol sucks. So you may need to take hydrocortisone with it if its a bad reaction. You will feel drowsy, but with adrenaline surges.