What are your stools like?


A bit of a gross topic i know, but even doctors admit that your stool is a good indicator of health. Mine are consistently semi diarrhea, generally no shape but also often one of the following:

. Completely yellow
. Semi diarrhea with undigested food
. Pellet like shape

During recovery periods my stool has returned to how you would expect for a healthy 20 year old. Well formed, normal brown color. I have noticed that when i feel particularly bad the yellow stools occur.



Has two bowel movements tonight that were; first half completely yellow full of undigested food and then the second half a load of green stuff.

This has happened many times before.



Why dont you see a doctor instead of complaining to an internet forum.



UK20 i have to agree with Tim on this one, mate.

See a doctor you cant put it off any longer.

Don’t mention propecia even. These symptoms are pretty serious in themselves.



That’s a bit rich coming from you isn’t it Tim? furthermore, where did i complain? the purpose of the thread was to see whether anyone had similar/ identical stool symptoms, hence the question/ title - ‘what are your stools like?’ but i will forgive you for not realizing this, your clearly not the brightest spark.

You are right Mens Rea, i need see a doctor about the stool issues. I can bet any money that they are just another symptom of whatever the root cause is to all of this but nevertheless, it’s time i made the visit(s).

If anyone has similar stool symptoms please chime in here - if this is a unique symptom to me i will be surprised!



Yeah but who knows what path it could lead you down.

I had a friend who had symptoms like yours and he had to go into hospital. I dont know what they did to him but they did something and it must have worked. So who knows what the NHS could do for you in that regard. And ive always said this about PFS - if you can cure enough then your body might be able to do the rest itself.



Joe first off there are multiple threads on this sort of thing, you obviously are not the brightest spark.
Second off yeah my stools were simlar, went to the doc found out i have crohns disease.
Third off dont miss any geography lectures to see a doctor.
And last of all write whatever weak response you want to this post because i wont be back to this thread to look at it. :slight_smile: Have a nice day.



It may be because of the baking soda use. I read on phkillscancer.com/ in the past that he got yellow stool from taking the baking soda and I read in another thread you used “a lot” of it.

You need to relax with taking way too much of random stuff.



Can you provide me with links to the threads please? i typed in ‘stools’ and didn’t get any although i do recall making the same thread a long time ago.

Thank you for that information about Crohns - it has motivated me to definitely see a doctor.



I have experienced yellow stools long before i took baking soda and any other supplements for that matter.

Anyway, from the responses so far it is pretty obvious that this isn’t a common PFS issue, so i better take this up with a doctor. Hopefully if i bring up the sexual problems they won’t think i am just a hypochondriac.

Oh and Oscar, please stop stealing Oscar’s joke and scrutinizing my privacy - it’s not cool.



Tim, did you have Chrons before taking finasteride?



UK - have to say, this does not sound good






Have you had yellow stool since it went away with the liver aids mate? interesting to see another ‘renew life’ product having drastic benefits to another user.

The thing is, my stool goes back to normal during recovery periods so i think it’s just another symptoms of PFS for me.



Rarely comes back. If I’m feeling real bad, sometimes it comes back. Stools have been improving drastically within the last month.



For the past few months I have been suffering from numbness in my rectal region.
When passing stools, i I had numbness in the anus and complete numbness in my anal sphincter.

Even after having a course of anti-biotics and prostate massages with Dr Georgiadis, the anal numbness still persisted.

However I have recently been drinking some ‘Everyday detox’ teas.
They are produced by ‘Traditional Medicinals’. I have been drinking 2 teas per day and the numbness problem has completely gone.
Passing stools is easier and feels normal now. Sensitivity and a normal feeling in the anal region has returned.
Maybe the problem was due to a build up of toxins and estrogens?

Thought I would mention this incase anyone has a similar symptom.



When you’re under an inordinate amount of stress (most of us are, and it’s not really quantifiable), it can definitely affect your stool. You can expect anything from constipation to diarrhea.



Ever since I have had problems - My digestion is bad. I must rush to the toilet when I wake up and what comes out is never well formed. There seems to be lots of undigested food. Boosting cortisol helped somewhat. I have low cortisol - low cortisol results in low stomach acid.



How are you doing? Did you see a GI specialist and did they provide a reason? I ask because I’m experiencing similar symptoms for the past two months. They did find fat stains in my stool however I’m waiting to see a GI specialist. I was on propecia for eight years and then took 5-HTP for three days. I’m not sure if my symptoms are from propecia and/or 5-HTP.



During my crash I’m using VSL3. https://www.vsl3.co.uk/order-now/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqqPsnovQ4QIVCLXtCh3D4QgDEAAYASAAEgIwm_D_BwE

I use 1 sachet a day and divide it up by 3 and take 1 dose before each main meal. I’ve noticed a big improvement in stool formation and digestion within a few days. I also noticed that my body is struggling to break down meat proteins like turkey at the moment so I’ve switched to fish and have red meat 1 or 2 times per week. Vegetarian meals have digested really well. Wish I’d known about VSL3 a lot sooner.