What are you doing for working memory and executive function deficits?

I am currently enrolled in a PhD program and I find this symptom to be the worst for my QoL. I can’t focus in lectures/reading, I forget what I was talking about, and I can’t consolidate information very well.

Has anyone had any luck with pharmacological intervention?

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Yes methylphenidate methylfolate and sulbuthiamine really helps on cognitive function and brain fog.

Try brainHQ

For me and many others, a ketogenic diet provides relief from all cognitive symptoms.

Do you find methlyphenidate increases anxiety for you?

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Quite the opposite happened. All of my anxiety and panic attacks disappeared after methylphenidate. They just take me off from Vortioxetine and put me in on mph… I almost normalized. Now I am thinking there was a huge strain on me because of short term memory impairment I was in constant worry about forgetting something important or making fatal mistakes in my work.
Also my addiction to coffee was normalized too. I couldn’t live without coffee yet it boosts my anxiety. Since i reduced caffeine Considerable amount I suspected that also helped with anxiety. Now I am almost okay mentally.

By the way i get anxiety much after than PFS.
It happened at my first cure attempt with yohimbine. I od my self and got sweet panic attacks. It took two years to cure it now I am focused on sexual sides of pfs again.

That’s really good to hear. I’m happy it helped you out. I’m going to see about trying it out. What’s your dosage?

Have you been able to help sexual sides any? This is an even worse problem for me than the attention.

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Boosts libido a lot but do not expect any help on ed in fact do not take try to have sex immediately after took it. But after 4-5 hours it will not effect erection quality.
If i do not take it after third day i lost almost all libido.

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Posting here because I already had severe ADHD before PFS and PFS just exploded my ADHD into something else entirely.

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It’s possible that methylphenidate boosted your allo levels. Seems to have differential effects on allo production in people with (negative) and without (positive) depressive symptoms.

Methyphenidate only gave me temporarily worsened insomnia as I am majorly depressed.

Exact same thing happened to me too. It was manageable before i overcame my hyper activity while taking fin but when i quit first attention went bad then hyper activity kicked in but in attention was worse than anything even when i was a kid I wasn’t like this though i am not sure it increased because of pfs or i broke something else while trying to cure it. In my first crash they put me on snri after that i became a person with 3 seconds of short term memory. Only thing restored me to my old self was mph.

Did you take both at once from the beginning or add one later? I may ask my doctor for sulbutiamine first. It looks safe.

Edit: Just noticed your last post. My short term memory is garbage, maybe mph is what I need.

Sulbuthiamine is a potent cholinergic and actually a Supra-physiological dose of vitamin B1 you can take and test it i used it makes you calmer and alert. I did not feel any difference on short term memory but it really enhances episodic long term memory.

Brother snri fucks up your short term memory because of it my adhd went to roof.
It also kills libido and genital sensitivity it is worse thing after finasteride. They had to give me because of panic attacks yet, it did not work well. Then we started mph i normalized even panic attackes and anxiety resolved. Then he told me to quit from ssri and i became much more better.
So go with mph or bupropion.

Tried bupropion and it worked for a while then stopped. I’ll talk to my doctor about mph.

I’m glad you improved a lot. Hope they keep happening.