What are the tests that I need to take? My doctor won't see me without showing abnormalities

My endocrinologist asked for blood test before I could see him. What are the specific things to test for that could show abnormalities?

I cant get a doctor to do anything. I’m going to ask for tests but wich ones ? I’ve read testosterone always shows normal and thyroid always shows normal.

I’ve read about these guys who’s been to 10 different specialist and many different in depth tests. How do you get them to do this? I can’t get them to treat me? My dr literally just told me to take ibprophan meanwhile I’m reading about guys who get spinal x-rays parasite tests and literally everything.

If you’re seeing an endocrinologist, you should at least have your testosterone checked to rule out hypogonadism. Just go to a GP and describe your symptoms. If your current GP doesn’t believe you’re experiencing the symptoms you describe, find another one.

If you don’t actually have another, treatable medical condition, however, pursuing tests your doctors don’t recommend is a waste of time and money. PAS is essentially untreatable by definition. The cases you see here of endless specialized tests are from people who couldn’t accept this and found doctors who were willing to tilt at windmills.