What are the best SSRIs to take for PFS?

Hello everyone,

I am in the worst shape so far on my PFS journey, but I am not giving up any hope! I am planning on starting an SSRI in the new year. I’ve read on here that Fluoxetine/Prozac can help with allopregnanolone (SSRIs to deal with anxiety (Question)).

I know some people here are adamantly against SSRIs, but maybe there are some kinds that some members have used with success. If anyone here has any knowledge or experience with SSRIs, I would be grateful to hear it. At this point, it’s my only hope, other than future studies being done.

Thank you.

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Yes. I dont know what else to do at this point. They’re telling me it’s chronic stress and anxiety, so I’m thinking if I take SSRI to solve that, the symptoms will go away. In the thread I listed, at least one person did have some positive experience with low dose of Fluoxetine. I know SSRIs are kind of disliked on here, but are they all truly bad? That’s what I’m trying to find out.

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yeah theyre all very risky for us

cause they all inhibit the 5ar

its like saying which out of fin, dutasteride, minoxi is best for us

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I haven’t used any SSRI myself and I can’t recommend it.

But if it was my last option I’d look into Agomelatine.

It’s not a typical SSRI though, but it should be safer with similar antidepressant potency.

I do believe it can be liver toxic so your doc should monitor liver values during use as a routine.

@lakehouse @Cbrandel

Damn. I didn’t think they all inhibited 5ar. I’m at such a low point right now. I’m too weak to eat, too weak for bowel movements or any sexual activity. Sorry if that’s gross but it’s really scary. It feels like my swallowing muscles are too weak to process much food, and my heart is too weak to do what I mentioned above. All I can do is eat tiny bites slowly and spread apart. Can’t do any sexual activity as I feel like passing out and get chest pain, short of breath. Bowel movements, can’t exert much or same problem will occur.

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But this is why I was really hoping an ssri would fix this. The docs tell me it’s anxiety, mind body connection. I was really hoping that an ssri and time would fix my stress and alleviate my physical symptoms.

I have PSSD from an SSRI antidepressant Citalopram, it’s the same as PFS from finasteride. SSRIs cause sexual dysfunction in nearly all people who take them - around 80% some studies say. Increasing serotonin generally does not seem to be a good thing for someone with sexual dysfunction, I would recommend that you ask your doctor for an other antidepressant or anxiolytic than an SSRI.

i hate to suggest anything but if anxiety is the problem i think some members have benefited from ketamine and shrooms

ive contemplated on taking them but im so risk averse currently im just going to wait

but if things every get unbearable again im personally going to wait for the psycadelic treatments coming out in a couple of years or might try ketamine infusion

There aren’t any good SSRIs for us mate, they’re an extremely risky medication powerful enough to cause this syndrome in otherwise healthy people.

I know it feels helpless when you’re out of ideas but don’t be fooled into thinking your current state can’t get any worse; unfortunately it very much can.

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Consider bupropion. It’s not an SSRI.

I would avoid SSRIs……

Depending on what your main symptoms are :

  • bupropion (if you have fatigue, Anhedonia, low libido)
    -Mirtazapine (if you have insomnia, tinnitus, anxiety etc)

Possibly Amitriptyline might not be too bad but I’d use the above 2 first over any SSRIs.

I’m not gonna lie, using Mirtazapine has been part of a protocol that has really changed my life since having this finasteride syndrome. I know how it feels when you need something ….I tried doing nothing for the best part of a year and only seemed to get worse. (Check my posts from this time last year!)

As with everything, speak to doctor first and listen to your own body for the signs and indications , not some person you’ve never met on a forum (and that includes me !)

Best of luck

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** before trying anti depressants have you tried Magnesium or Taurine for any of the anxiety issues?

Magnesium Glycinate is good all rounder or you can get a hybrid of Magnesium Taurate which might be good for anxiety and heart stuff

Sorry to hear that. I’ve not heard of Citalopram. I thought increasing serotonin made you feel like you were higher status, which would make you less anxious and sad, more confident, and thus more willing to date. I don’t see how it would cause sexual dysfunction, but then again nothing surprises me these days.

Shrooms are illegal. I’ll look into ketamine.

I’ve gotta try something though, right? I can’t just live like this forever, perpetually getting worse. If I could at least plateau, then I probably wouldn’t consider SSRIs.

Thanks, I’ll look into buproprion.

Thank you. I understand SSRIs have some risk, but you can’t tell me they dont work at all, right? They must be somewhat effective. I’ll keep the ones you mentioned in mind. I’ve heard of bupropion but not the other two.
I’ve tried Magnesium. It helps somewhat with anxiety, but not with my cardio/muscle problems. And too much magnesium is bad for my digestion, speaking from experience. Not heard of Taurine before.

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